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Avoid These Workout Excuses and Get Your Body Moving

Updated on March 26, 2015

Why Do You Need To Exercise?

Most of the time, people overlook the importance of exercise or workout and how it is associated with a healthy body. Many diseases like heart disease can be prevented through exercising. Billions of people around the globe are either overweight or obese and the United States has the highest rate of obesity in the world. Moreover, regular exercise does not only help in preventing diseases but it also help in enhancing the overall appearance which can build up self-esteem and confidence.

Most of the time, real life activities can intervene to your workout routine and before you know it, you already have countless skipped workouts and you’re already dropped the whole routine. Here are the common workout excuses most people make to skip their exercise routine and the ways to beat these exercise excuses.

Lack of Time

The Problem: I want to but I don’t have time and I’m busy working. This is probably the most common excuse people make just to skip exercising. Yes, you got a hectic schedule and you barely have time to take a break but you have time to watch your favorite TV series finale episode.

The Solutions:

  • Schedule your workout sessions that same way you schedule meetings and commitments.
  • Break up your routine into shorter sessions for a time-saving workout.
  • Record your favorite TV series to skip ads and watch them later. Use the time to exercise.
  • When watching shows, you may use resistance band or walk in place for strength training.

Exercise is Boring

The Problem: Most people can’t find entertainment in working out. You have seen athletes working out for hours and you wonder how they are able to maintain interest in it and you know you just can’t that’s why you don’t want to try.

The Solutions:

  • Find activity that you love like dancing or music.
  • Once you find something you are interested in, include it in your routine. You could do a dance routine or you could listen to music why exercising.
  • Get some friends to join the group. Find an exercise buddy to spur you to work harder.
  • Try something new to maintain your interest.

I’m Too Tired

The Problem: You are not a morning person and you feel tired working out early in the morning or after a long day of work, you are just too tired to workout. To think of it, when you are so tired, the more you have to exercise. Working out can actually give more energy and it provides the body with endorphins also known as ‘feel-good hormones’ which can improve your blood circulation.

The Solutions:

  • If you are not a morning person, exercise whenever you feel best.
  • After work, make a short distance walk before you go home and slump in your bed. Your workout doesn’t have to be strenuous and it is better than none.
  • Stick with your exercise schedule even if you don’t want to.
  • If you have a dog, walking your dog can relieve stress and another way to exercise.

Been there, Done that

The problem: The problem with most people is that they tried exercise routine before and it did not work. But it should have work, the only problem is that they have set goals that they can’t achieve or difficult to reach in a certain span of time. People think that if they work out again, they would still get the same result so why bother. Moreover, they are also discouraged by people who have done the routine and fail.

The Solutions:

  • Set a realistic, achievable goal. For the first try, set your goal small and gradually increase it when you achieve the first one.
  • Let your achievement be known to the public. Let the people know what you have achieved and let the encouragement motivate you.
  • Log or keep track of your record. This will give you an idea on how much you have achieve or if you are slowly losing pace.
  • Again, an exercise buddy could keep you motivated to achieve you goals.

Honestly, I just Don’t Want To

The Problem: This is perhaps the lamest workout excuse people use but when you actually use this, there is no need any explanation, you just don’t want to and that what makes this excuse effective. But there are still solutions for your lazy bone and will get your groove moving.

The Solution:

Know the reasons why and address them.

  • If it is because you don’t want to get sweaty, you could exercise indoors where it is air conditioned.
  • If your joint hurts, pool exercises are bet for you so head for the pool.
  • If you have some serious physical limitations, ask your doctor about exercises best for you
  • If you are self conscious, you could work out with privacy in your own house.
  • If you think you are thin already. There are exercises for every body type. Being thin doesn’t mean you are healthy.
  • If you are not fond of having a regular trip to the gym, you can exercise outdoors or in the vicinity of your home.

Final Thoughts

Make exercise a habit. This is one of the natural ways to get healthy. Exercising is beneficial to anyone and if you truly want to maintain or improve you overall health, you have to find time and energy to exercise. The reasons mentioned above are some common workout excuses people make which there are always solutions. So what’s keeping you out of exercising?


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