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Avoiding Electronic/Subliminal Harassment in the Gym

Updated on November 7, 2010

Avoiding Subliminal Gym-Harassment


Thinking God’s Name Repels Psychic Molestation in Gym

When I go to the gym, I have this persistent electronic harassment in which I'm subliminally cast as someone I'm not doing things I would never wish to do. Now heres another technique to shutting these buggers out: they are repelled by mere THOUGHTS of God's name. I was working hard on the elliptical and felt I wouldn't have the energy to fend off electronic/subliminal harassment and do a full hour of "clean effort". I had these people all around me that seemed to be making me extremely un-comfortable. So I tried an experiment, I repeatedly chanted IN MY MIND: "Jehovah, how great thou art!" All of them left within minutes of my starting this.

The "pressure" of electronic/subliminal sexual harassment can be completely shut out by THINKING about God. Maybe these buggers have the technology to read your verbal thoughts because this ALWAYS WORKS. I'm pretty hyperactive so forget these very simple tactics to averting electronic harassment. Long ago, I remarked to myself: "Man, I wish I had a can of "F67 off spray". While THOUGHTS ABOUT GOD DO THE TRICK. You THINK on his name and these suckers will leave you alone!

I think that the "electronically-forced homosexuality" is but a symptom of this BACKWARDS CULT. They seem to INVITE US to do/think bad things, even to themselves because the new unwritten Laws of our technologically-advanced society are "no violent thoughts". The women can make you feel LIKE you want them, because Lust is one of the Seven Deadly sins. We are an "Electronic Theocracy" and there is little tolerance for sin............even if one of these people electronically gave it to you and you were just to busy to make it stop. My theory is that this "Mental Virus" subverted their organization first, then it invaded just about every other one. Nonetheless, the fact that this group DELETES PERSONALITIES AND RE-PROGRAMS PEOPLES MINDS makes them very, very dangerous. This "Machine" is like some sort of computerized DEVIL that has many people in this country "trained" JUST LIKE AN ANIMAL.

It seems to me that if you destroyed the machine that integrates these people's motions into PERFECT SYNCHRONY, we could liberate them from this spell they have over so many of us. My gut instinct is that this device will kill all these people to save the Earth from a certain miserable death for everybody by over-population. Someone used a computer to add up what would happen. So these very intelligent people were faced with a decision...........Earth or most of the people on it. If you say "screw the Earth", well everyone will die anyway. SO they found this means of selecting who lives and who dies. Think violent thoughts and this VERY HUNGRY ORGANIZATION will "eat" in mentally break you and make you into an electronic slave. This society of Antiseptic Backwardness seems like the Biblical Antichrist.

I certainly declare myself a Christian. You can even make going to the gym penance by praying while you lift. You'll do better and your MIND won’t feel RAPED when you are done!!


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    • MOEFLATS profile image

      MOEFLATS 6 years ago

      I've come espouse a mental state of "Experimental Anti-Paranoia. This means that you trust everyone no matter who they are. If you feel any negativity towards anyone - it becomes twisted and distorted. You've got to be AFRAID for this hoodoo-cr2p to really work. If you LIKE EVERYONE, there's no way to get you scared or ticked-off. This keeps you CALM, which is something we must learn to feel - no matter what we seem to see. By maintaining calm, you are harder to convince that you are "losing your mind".

      I've wrestled with this force and what I've found is that it makes the CONTEXT OF A SITUATION SEEM TO BE against us. Even the patterns of spackling on walls can look ominous if that's what you are looking for. I figure if you choose to see EVERYTHING as a positive thing, then trouble has a very hard time finding you.

      Often you get precursors to bad thoughts. This is when you stop thinking and "learn to forget". You'll feel compelled to actually "complete the thought", which is always something horrible. There are times to get out of that part of the mind that "sees things" or "hears things" and there is a time to USE that imagination to override the subliminal crap coming in.

      You'll learn when to employ different mental tactics. It's like sensing that "something isn't quite right" and you alter your thinking to fit what experience has taught you. It's sort of like asking yourself: "Which part of my mind is whatever-this-is playing with". This way, you can move to areas of your mind less interfered with. If you feel strong, kick them out of your "creativity center" with especially powerful thinking.

      Because they work 24/7, you've got to learn when to get calm and bring yourself down from the power trip. Listen to calming music after a "Heavy Metal Workout". This way you get calm. If you are calm, whatever-this-is gets off of your mind.

      Half the time, just hitting the imaginary "reset button" on my brain does the trick. With this, you simply wipe your memory for the last 30 minutes, then start over like you don't know anything. It's amazing! Nothing can do anything. Thinking nothing while working in a self-induced trance can make you MORE CAPABLE OF FUNCTIONING. This is probably because in this "no thought meditative trance", nothing disturbing is in your mind because you have nothing on it.

    • profile image

      Tiredofbeingsick 6 years ago

      Moeflats, have you noticed while being electronically tortured that at times you just fall asleep? With the Mircowave harassment do they have power to put us to sleep also?

    • profile image

      Alex 6 years ago

      I'm trying to be in observational approach, they start to almost silent the sorounding and put some kind of confort zone during morning for example then after lunch the other extreme. I use music too, loud in earphones and in car, but other times when I can't, I try to focus my energy.

      Im my home, or in streets they do noise again and for me is sunshine but in work I sense a less high vibration and since I can not play music, the sorounding is being a bit less easy, they like to take care of work :D

      It's true, I changed too, I'm more distant, more rational with the puppet people, even the loved ones with all the respect they deserve, but it's for my protection and to function to my wellbeing and a Higher Good. I better in all I do too, because I concentrate more.

      I try to rise conscience for the things they do on my loved ones but they for now are a bit less close of getting off that, even we still didn't win this all today, but we will do win all soon.

      I did see you made a comment on something that I consider less good music, down vibe influential industry, and since I agree with you we need to defend the free speach but agree too we need to defend values like those of the author - good values - I made a comment too, remembering the need of the rise of conscience, vibration, of open mind and eyes and act to win this. Hope that the comment I made that include mention you was see as opportune by our person, that I well considere.

    • MOEFLATS profile image

      MOEFLATS 6 years ago

      You describe gangstalking very well. First: they make your ears more sensitive to sound so that your mind is jolted everytime someone drops something. To render this ineffective, listen to music through earphones....really loud music. I'm no longer bothered by loud noises and being as the commands to look at certain things come through your ears, you'll find yourself not noticing the gangstalkers themselves.

      I've got to seek the Salvation Frequency when the heat is on, but my life is about as close as you can get to pre-electronic reality. All I know is that I do not wish to ever be reduced to a mechanical, synchronized being. In some cases the person isn't even themselves anymore. I knew a guy who told me how they had changed him. He was not recognizable......nothing like his old self.

    • profile image

      Alex 6 years ago

      Many times The Higher Being rose me when my human forces where gone, I felt His help.

      I see things this way: they can't judge us, only we can.If they try to enter on everyone privacy, it's our privacy not theirs, we are on our lifes,since we don't do harm to anyone and know that respect, privacy and free will are rights given by the Only Power to us, in the end it will be always a winning because we are being true to ourself.

      The thing I miss the most is the normality, many times is a Puppet noizy syncronized show around us and it's been very important for me to put the patience working a bit more. It's a bit fare the world of yesterday, now that I know some of the true but one thing that helps me most is to know that are others knowing this and even I don't know anyone in my country in the same situation, I know that are many around the world and this give me some confort.

      You think NSA, highly problable, intelligence frame is in this, but I think they are getting some little help...who would like to rule the world and controle without almost noone knowing?

      Thank you for your fine job in this situation, you show things without fear and stand for what you think is right, good for you and all of us.

    • MOEFLATS profile image

      MOEFLATS 6 years ago

      God has never failed me when warding off psychic attacks. My other tactics give you some breathing space, so the world looks more like it was than how it is now. You always have to change your tactics, varying your neurochemistry with different things. I miss the way things used to be to the point that I may not live a 24/7 pure Christian life, but I recommend God as the Ultimate solution. When my other methods weren't working (or were not available to me), repeatedly praying and listening for the SLOW frequency, (NOT the fast one) has always worked!

      I think that the NSA is probably the organization behind this. They certainly are up to things that people would object to. Why else is their saying "Never Say Anything". Here's an agency that spies on all of us one way or the other........and they are trying to keep something secret from the very people they spy on. It would be no surprise to me if they are responsible for brainwashing and electronic harassment.

    • profile image

      Alex 6 years ago

      If I may ask, what organization do you perceive as the most likely to do this worldwide thing, MOEFLATS?

      I believe that the Only Power is helping all of us around the world to get the win on this.

    • MOEFLATS profile image

      MOEFLATS 6 years ago

      This is for smileNtherFACES: the paranoia is all synthetic manipulation of your body through microwave-based subliminal equipment. Wear earphones to the gym to shut out most of the "female frequency which depicts you as a woman being made to do all sorts of disgusting crap. I've been there and it takes a lot of effort to ignore this "vibe". You get pretty good at it.

    • smileNtherFACES profile image

      smileNtherFACES 7 years ago from Mid Cali

      You know I go to the gym rather early 1am ish its easy to see whose in on it.....I can feel it from a mile away, have you really noticed being followed to / at the gym?...or is it paranoia...not being rude, because I do feel paranoia in public, especially on the freeway........


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