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Awaken the Creative Beast Within

Updated on May 14, 2017
Cepi Corpus profile image

Job is a man who traverses reality in an ever present sojourn, seeking the elusive horizon of the highest expression of his creative self.

We are all living, thriving, surviving, but are we really? Are you in a trance enchanted by the piper's tune, prancing merrily and blindly towards an abyss? In my opinion, I think we need to shut down, tune out and go into exile far from society's scripts for our lives.

The light shines upon us all, ever so bright, but our eyes are shut. We all know what we have to do deep down from the pits of our souls. The only thing is, to do what it is we truly yearn to do, to truly attain the highest expression of our creative minds, we have to cross that invisible line. We have to jump! The uncertainty and the fear paralyzes our beings to the marrow. Yet, should we not be more petrified by the alternative? To live a life that never was, to wonder what could have been...

The Beast within Us

Lying dormant within each and every one of us is a Creative Beast in shackles, itching, scratching, longing to be let loose. The Beast roars and runs amok in all our early lives. The Beast is free, the Beast is wild, the Beast just is. You are. And one day, along comes the trainer with his chair and his whip. He cannot subdue the mighty Beast so easily, and so he locks it away in a dark place. At first, the Beast, it roars and menaces, claws its paws against the walls that imprison it's being. Time cuts like a seasoned blade and the Beast begins to fade.

Unlock the door, my brothers, I ask of nothin more. Sisters, take away the lock and key. Set yourselves free to be. Don't ever turn back, spread those mighty wings and soar. Turn back and be frozen in time, ever wishing, ever wanting, ever wondering, ever existing but never truly living. Challenge the status quo. You'll never thrive in a 9 to 5. You're here to change the world. Belief is your mother and Rage is your father. There is greatness within you. Each of you, can touch the world, can transform reality in a very unique and glorious manner. In a manner that calls to you and you alone. Don't let it slide, Life is too short.

The Road less travelled, however, is not for the weak of will. The Road is an Everlasting climb up a hill, it is a Sojourn of rejection, a Mountain of toil that bloodies the soil. It is a Fountain of blood and sweat. It is a doorway to the Palace of your Dreams. It is a Gateway to a dimension where anything is possible. What it truly is, is the Becoming of your Beast.



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