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Awareness And The Great Integrity: The Perception Of Mankind & The Power Of The Human Mind

Updated on May 24, 2013

Human Perception

Today I was sat in somebody's front room when I noticed a ray of sunlight beaming in through the window. As I observed this ray of light it occurred to me how similar this ray of light was to the beam of light depicted in the 1710 painting John The Baptist and Jesus by Aert De Gelder. However, in the painting the beam coming from the skies above actually appears to be originating from a metallic looking circular disc flying through the sky.

Lit up beneath, is the image of Jesus being baptised as though it is being projected as a holographic image via several of these beams of light originating from some kind of flying advanced technology. I was reminded how many people claim that the 1710 painting was actually just depicting natural phenomena, rather than literally being a flying saucer as it actually appears to be.

As I was observing this ray of sunlight, another person present in the room who was smoking a cigarette breathed smoke out which became more visible and prominent when it was within the beam of light. The smoke started to form into various different shapes, sometimes appearing as a face or other familiar objects.

This led me to thinking about apophenia, a term first coined by Klaus Conrad in 1958, which suggests that the human mind automatically recognizes random patterns as a result of searching the subconscious database of the mind for similar patterns in order to work out what the phenomena being seen actually is. It is because of apophenia, that when we stare at the moon for long enough, we may be able to see a face in it.

A Result Of Apophenia? I Doubt It!

Many people claim that such ancient pictures which often depict objects such as extraterrestrials, flying saucers and holographic technology are all actually a result of apophenia... but how likely is it that an oil painting artist would witness such phenomena and then decide to produce a painting of their experience?

Surely, such natural phenomena would not be that important. And the fact that this delusory experience or illusion was actually a result of some other kind of natural pheomena would have soon become apparent enough to the witness.

First, there's the fact that the ray of light I personally referred to at the beginning of this article was a result of being inside a house. The light was shining in through the window between a gap in the curtains. However, the oil painting is clearly outside in the open therefore such phenomena would not have been witnessed anyway.

Secondly, there's the fact that distinct beams are being projected from the Heavens above outside in the open where these beams would not have been concentrated enough to become perceptible to humans unless they were the result of some kind of advanced holographic technology.

Then there's also the fact that these beams of light are directly projected to a lit-up image of John the Baptist and Jesus which appears to be glowing as if being enlightened from the projected beams - this would not happen out in the open either.

As if that isn't enough logic to determine that the painting was not depicting natural phenomena, it is by far not the only ancient painting of it's kind. There are actually many of these paintings abundant throughout thousands of years of history. How likely is it that all of these artists experienced some kind of natural phenomenon which resulted in a religious delusory experience that they found worthy of depicting in their artwork?

The explanation is, in my opinion, even more ludicrous and harder to believe than the theory that advanced extraterrestrials may have been mistaken for Gods, angels and/or demons.

Our Internal Map Of The World

Everything we perceive in life is filtered into our mind via our senses (ie touch, taste, smell, feel and sound). Our subconscious mind ultimately decides which information is allowed in. However, it's also scientific fact that there are frequencies that exist outside of the perception of man. For example, a dog whistle cannot be heard by many people yet is perceptible to dogs.

Owls and birds can hear audio frequencies outside the range of human perception. So are all the various life-forms on Earth tuned into different frequencies and all perceive a completely different world and existence to us?

It's a very real possibility that other dimensions, other life forms and other phenomena exists on these ranges that we, as humans, may never ever get to experience unless we can somehow learn to tune our minds into these frequencies or alter our perception in order to make these frequencies perceptible to us.

Just imagine a piece of machinery so advanced that it can travel at trillions of miles per hour and make a noise outside of the range of human perception - it would zip past so silently and so fast that you would not even notice it...

yet it could be there!

You never know!

By Sparkster


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    • Au fait profile image

      C E Clark 

      7 years ago from North Texas

      I have thought about many of these things you mention. This hub is definitely food for thought. Very interesting! Voting you UP.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      An amazing brainstormer on the relationship between art and the subconscious mind. You are very right in saying that all external stimuli are filtered through the patterns in one's subconscious database and thus the validity of the resulting opinions need to be questioned, at least. Those preset patterns in people's subconscious minds spring from the collective neurogenetic circuit, the circuit number V according to Timothy Leary's 8-circuit model of our brain (and number 1 among the 4-pieces set of newer, uncharted advanced circuits), which keeps a universal and timeless record of all traditions, inventions and esoteric/spiritual/religious entities which keep hold of our sensations either through joy or fear, validated by the creation of similar pieces of art all through the ages. Moreover, because each and every person living on this earth has received his/her own conditioning and beliefs out of an infinite pool of possibilities in time and space, in addition to the ever-present unknown effects from neurogenetic consciousness which may appear out of nowhere everywhen, every individual opinion and artistic creation instantly becomes totally subjective. None of these eccentric explanations bears enough evidence of its own to deny the presence of UFO's, holographic projections from foreign beings in the skies or strange apparitions of religious entities; BUT PROVIDES ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO QUESTION THEIR REALITY AS DOGMATIC FACTS! Once more, an amazing hub just for starting this discussion. "Awesome"d, voted up, SHARED and following!


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