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BABY FAT: Sacrifice of Being a MOM

Updated on October 6, 2009


What is WOW turned upside-down? MOM. It amazes me how many married men I know that are thin and handsome have wives that are quite large. Why? Well, it's no secret the couple has two, three, four children. What a guy! He knows to love his wife and accept that her body "beauty" had to be sacrificed to a significant degree to have those little ones.

I couldn't exactly show photos of everything that happens to a woman's beautiful body upon having a child or two or three, but I have attached photos of the lower body. What I couldn't post are her once full and supple breasts that have now been flattened like they've been vacuumed into a space bag. The once tight and firm tummy now looks like a fallen soufflé or better yet, bread dough prior to rising! And oh, the cellulite! Bye-bye bright light and bikinis!

Why is it the skin stays so loose? Well, just like a super obese person that loses a lot of weight relatively quickly has drooping, loose skin to deal with, a pregnant woman whose skin is stretched around a huge tight bag of water with a baby's weight inside is similar. The skin stretches out for months, then the baby is out overnight (or during the day) and the extra skin certainly can't just shrink back in. Why doctors don't yet have a surgical procedure to help women with this problem post birth is beyond me.

Of course, fathers fell in love with the beautiful bodies of their soon-to-be babies' mothers, which started out with the visual beauty. That's the purpose women have such beautiful bodies in the first attract the male to procreate! Great fathers are usually great and supportive husbands, too, in that they understand how a woman's body will undoubtedly change post child-bearing...and not necessarily for the better.

But, let's talk about the husbands who complain that their wives were once so beautiful and thin when they got married and, "Look at her now!"; "She let herself go!"; "She did this to herself!"; "I'm not happy!". Excuse me.....I think the husbands had something to do with the cause ~ it's just that SHE had to be the one to sacrifice her body ~ her outer beauty ~ the very thing she felt most womanly about.

These husbands that leave the mothers of their children to go seek out the next beauty need to just GET PREGNANT. Of course, that's impossible. So, will they ever understand? What he will eventually find out is that any woman who is a mother, even if she's "thin" will still most likely have that "baby fat" / "bread dough" / and "vacuum sealed breasts" issue. Yes, there are a few women out there, especially those who had children at a young age, that were lucky enough to "spring back" maybe 80%, due to the fact her skin still had it's elasticity.

So many women flock to cosmetic surgeons, at least to get their boobs out of the vacuum bag. But, a tummy tuck can be extremely dangerous. Some of the side effects are as follows:

· Fat or blood clots may make their way to the lungs and cause death

· Too much fluid loss, which can lead to shock

· Fluid accumulation that must be drained

· Friction burns or other permanent damage to the skin

· Permanent nerve damage

· Injury to the vital organs

· Bad reactions to drugs

· Infections

· Scars or imperfections

· Numbness

· Change in skin color/pigmentation

· Weeks of pain, burning, swelling and bleeding while recuperating

I guess the point I'm trying to make is, MEN, please understand that women who have children cannot be expected to have a pre-baby body the MAJORITY of the time. That loose skin can't simply be exercised away. I personally went for a tummy tuck consult and was told my ab muscles were good and tight, and there was no way I could exercise that "baby fat" away. I chose NOT to have a tummy tuck; it's simply too dangerous.

Women, honor yourselves as MOTHERS. You sacrificed something very special to you to have something even more special ~ the most special something in the whole wide world....YOUR BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN. Men can come and go, but your children will never stop loving you. They will never leave you.

Men, those of you that cherish your wives and girlfriends that are mothers who have sacrificed their "beautiful" bodies ~ whether they be the mothers of your children or mothers of another's ~ you truly are MEN to be HONORED.

Typical post-baby body
Typical post-baby body
Is it worth risking a tummy tuck?
Is it worth risking a tummy tuck?
The unsightly scar of a tummy tuck
The unsightly scar of a tummy tuck


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    • Shepherd's Lamb profile image

      Shepherd's Lamb 7 years ago from Roseville, CA

      It's wonderful that you were able to keep the weight off and not have any problems with stretched skin. I imagine you were a pretty young mother? The skin is much more elastic with younger moms than older ones ~ thus, why, no matter how hard we try, our chins will sag, we get wrinkles, etc. when we age. Some age more gracefully than others, but all age. :-)

    • Pollyannalana profile image

      Pollyannalana 7 years ago from US

      I know what you are saying. You do notice such good looking guys with obese women and you do have to wonder and it probably did come after kids. I saw my sister having 3 babies the first three years of her marriage and decide that would not happen to me so I went to a doctor I had heard put up with no pigs, he made you watch your weight and as it turned out he may have saved my life because somehow I was prone to toxemia and really did have to have to watch my weight. When I went to this doctor 2 months pregnant with both babies at 95 pounds I weighed 93 when I brought both babies home and they were 6 lbs and 6lbs 11 oz and both healthy. I had tiny wrinkles at the bottom of my stomach that was gone by my 6 week check up. Maybe men don't care but I know we do. And who wants the health problems that go with obesity? I was on a no salt diet and today I still try to stay closely to that watching that salt, which to some people is a killer but definitely holds that fat on.

    • Shepherd's Lamb profile image

      Shepherd's Lamb 8 years ago from Roseville, CA

      Amen, brother...I wonder what God sees when He sees us? Perfection; that's what! Just like you said, this earthly house is not our heavenly abode, but beauty from within is more beautiful than anything in the world. Love you!!

    • no body profile image

      Robert E Smith 8 years ago from Rochester, New York

      I don't see my sweetie has any flaws. I see each physical characteristic she has as a trait, a piece of what makes her be her. That package that my sweetie lives in will change over time and occurance. Scars will happen. Dimentions will change but the package still contains my sweetie. When that package finally falls off my sweetie will be in heaven and truly things will change for me. But every day that God deems me worthy to be at her side wih her in her "earth suit" I am the happiest guy alive. Just the thought of God loving me enough to give me such a gift makes me blubber. Hey I got som'um in my eye right now...