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Updated on September 4, 2014

An unexpected cure for cancer.

In 1791 a french chemist discovered baking soda, known then as “sodium carbonate”. His findings were based on a substance used as far back as the old Egypt. Little he knew, that his product would survive centuries after his dead, and even more! That baking soda would become the cure for terrible diseases, such as cancer.

We are all familiar with the thousands uses for baking soda, from odor remover, to relief for indigestion and more. However, for the last few years, baking soda has become a cure for cancer too. Some doctors are using this versatile substance to cure patients of cancer. So far an American doctor, who practices in Brazil, Dr. Mark Sircus, and an Italian doctor, Dr. Tullio Simoncini in Rome, have been curing cancer patients with baking soda, for a while.

They both agree on the fact that baking soda has healing powers. Their findings are based on the fact that cancer cells cannot survive a high level of oxygen. Baking soda raises the PH to a more alkaline level, and increases the oxygen level, reducing the risk of growing cancer cells, and even eliminating them.

The treatments with baking soda via injection, or catheter, flush the cancer cells out of the body, and it also acts as an anti-fungal agent, which prevents the presence of certain fungus like Candida (the common cause of yeast infections) which facilitates the reproduction of cancer cells. Candida is a common infection, not necessarily limited to women, men can get it too! The prolonged use of antibiotics is the most common cause of Candida, and can become chronic, leaving a perfect “nest” for cancer cells to grow.

Baking soda has shown to be curative for Candida, therefore his anti-fungal properties are being used as well to cure cancer, on these days.

In cases of a digestive type of cancer, the ingestion of baking soda diluted in water, is recommended. Some doctors advise their patients to mix them with some maple syrup or molasses, to carry the PH to the glucose cells, which promote the reproduction of cancer cells, due to fermentation.

A new kind of medicine is being born, a natural way to cure and treat terrible diseases, which through the years, seem to have grown, instead of disappearing. Side effects, and the fact that some treatments tend to weaken the patients immune defense mechanism, have some experts turning more and more, into a more logical and effective way to fight cancer: The natural way.

Naturopathic medicine today means:

-Decreasing side effects

-Boosting the body's immune system

-And improving energy levels, and well-being for a better quality life, among others

Some privates clinics like the Cancer treatment centers of America, already use these methods, and even combine sciences like Homeopathy (natural substances which combine are curative), and hydrotherapy.

In some countries, even insects like the “Coleoptera” or beetles, have become a curative resource for some types of cancer. I could fill out entire pages with testimonies of people, who were terminally ill, and completely recovered eating beetles! I found so much interesting information about it, I'm about to start hunting them in my backyard!

True or not, the point is that most common and terrible diseases, have already a natural cure, right in front of us. Do your own research, do not stop having hope just because you have been diagnosed with cancer. There are some things regular medicine, insists to deny, maybe because insurance companies do not pay for them.

Going back to the baking soda, something we all have in our pantry! It just makes complete sense what those two doctors are doing to cure cancer. They are targeting the cause of cancer, making the components of baking soda, trigger the cure.

Vernon Johnston, is the living witness of this cure, I have even included the source of a video where he guide you step by step, to make the mix which saved his life. He was diagnosed with stage IV of aggressive prostate cancer. Today, he shares his cure with everyone.

Please, be aware, that what is good for one, might be harmful for others, so take your own precautions, and before you try anything in this article, do your own research. However, the Internet is full of information about these cures, all over the world. Testimony after testimony, I have learned that the patients who tried these cures, as a desperate last attempt to survive cancer, did survive. I would say that, so many testimonies cannot be a lie. I personally give faith of one case I know: My dad. He developed skin cancer years ago. First, it appeared like a moll on top of his nose, which grew into a horrible “hole” that seemed to eat the tissue around it. The doctor told him, that he would have to have an operation to remove that portion of his nose. However, when I saw pictures of patients who have had have that kind of surgery, my heart just stopped.

It was about to remove that area and some adjacent tissue, which resulted in a deformation of the face. I searched the Internet, and I founded something called Laetrile or Amygdalin, which is vitamin B17 , found in the seeds of apricots, peaches and almonds. It came in pills and cream, I got both of them. All I can say is that my dad saved his face and his life. That hole in his nose started amazingly shrinking, and today it's only a pale spot, almost invisible. This may sound like some kind of advertising, but I am is the honest truth! I do firmly believe, that the cure is out there, that it has always been there! Either baking soda, the seed of almonds, or even beetles! We just have to snatched a little bit from those conventional methods, and explore nature for our cure.


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