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Updated on August 28, 2015


How to be healthy is of great concern to many. One of the best ways to promote good health is for one to consider his or her diet. Some patients are even placed on special diets to help them deal with certain ailments they are battling with. Gluten sensitivity is one of those health challenges that certain people are battling with. Most people who are sensitive to gluten suffer from celiac disease. One sure way to overcome this disease is to for such patients to be placed on a gluten free diet. Before we get into what a gluten free diet and the benefits of gluten free diet, we first look at what is gluten. This article discusses some of the health benefits of gluten free diet.


Gluten is a substance present in cereal grains such as wheat, rye and barley that is responsible for the elastic texture of dough. It is made from a mixture of two proteins and is the cause celiac disease. It is used in many foods such as bread to give its structure. Gluten also serves as a binder for the ingredients of food.


When you are gluten sensitive it can lead to Celiac disease which decreases the absorptive ability of the digestive system. The key component of gluten, gliadin, is responsible for Coeliac disease, a digestive sickness that causes damage to the small intestine and inhibits absorption of nutrients from food. Series of blood test can help with the early detection of this disease so as to salvage the situation. When medically diagnosed of Celiac disease, the recommended remedy is to go on a gluten free diet. The thought of living your life without eating foods containing gluten may sound troubling. Don’t worry; there is way out of this. There is a vast variety of foods that are gluten free which when taken will make you feel you are not losing anything.


Gluten free food is a diet plan that limits the amount of foods that contain gluten. To obtain a gluten free diet, you have to check the labels of products to ensure that the product does not contain gluten. You can obtain very good gluten free foods for your diet from

Some foods which are free from gluten include: Seeds, beans, eggs, meats and nuts that are fresh, poultry and fish without any marinades, almost all types of dairy product, fresh fruits and vegetables.

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How many people are suffering from Celiac disease

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What are the causes, symptoms and treatments available for treating celiac disease?


There are several benefits of gluten free diet which includes:

1. Gluten free diet offers an end to gluten sensitivity and celiac disease.
2. It promotes increased energy levels, allowing you to feel healthier.
3. Also gluten free diet relieves the symptoms of diarrhea in addition to other illnesses.
4. It also controls the symptoms of diseases like dermatitis herpetiformis.
5. This special kind of diet offers rest from a swollen stomach and itchy, stinging, and burning skin.

6. Most people including celebrities eat gluten free diet so as to lose weight.

7. Lastly but not the least, gluten free diet promotes clearer thinking.


A gluten free diet plan is a healthy special diet whereby you eat gluten free foods. Examples of gluten that you have to avoid in a gluten free diet include gliadin (found in wheat), secalin (found in rye), hordein (found in Barley). Don’t get frightened when you are showing symptoms or have been diagnosed of celiac disease since, I will be showing you how to get over this problem. Following a gluten free diet plan will get you over the health problems associated with coelic disease and other related diseases such as Mermtitis Herpetiformis. It can also help overweight people to shed off some amount of weight. This is because gluten free diet have high nutritional fiber and contain great calorie content. Three things you ought to take note of when following a gluten free diet plan are:

  1. Replace foods or products that contain gluten with best alternative gluten free goods. As an example you can replace wheat flour with a mixture of other flours such as potato starch flour. bean flour, brown rice flour, tapioca flour, white rice flour which will be comparable to the wheat flour.
  2. Avoid contamination of gluten free foods with gluten-containing foods. Avoid using the same cooking utensils for both gluten-containing foods and gluten free foods.
  3. Avoid eating gluten on the go foods such as snacks that contain gluten with snacks which are gluten free. You can identify gluten free foods by checking the labeling information on the products.

NB: Although there are several reasons why people go on a gluten free diet, the most important condition that necessitates a gluten free diet is a celiac condition which is hereditary disorder. Some common causes of celiac disease are: pregnancy, childbirth, surgery, viral infection etc.



Some symptoms of celiac disease include:

  1. Digestive problems of absorption of nutrients
  2. You easily get exhausted
  3. Unexplained iron deficiency anemia
  4. Pain in the joints
  5. Anxiety or depression
  6. Infertility
  7. Canker sores in the mouth
  8. Skin rashes known as dermatitis herpetiformis




The best way to help heal damaged parts of the small intestines affected by celiac disease or eliminate the symptoms of celiac disease is to develop and follow strictly a gluten free diet plan. Some of the gluten free foods you can include in your gluten free diet plan are:

  1. A diet that contains egg and potato. This has much nutritional value. Make sure the oil for frying the egg is small.
  2. Whole grain bread which taste just like any bread is also one of the best gluten free foods that can help one to lose weight and also control celiac disease since it has less calorie.
  3. Another common gluten free food is oat which is very good for controlling weight and fighting celiac disease.

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