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Benefits Of Using Lavender Iincense

Updated on May 19, 2013

It has relaxing properties and is essential in calming down your mind when you are feeling stressed or worn out.

The lavender incense has been around for more than 2500 years and was widely used in ancient Egypt during ritual practices. Lavender incense didn't lose its popularity and is still used nowadays everywhere in the world. Wicca practitioners burn lavender incense when casting various spells of protection, or before entering the magic circle to purify the sacred space. It is said lavender incense brings clarity and peace, and this is why it is burned during meditation or yoga. After physical exercise, you can burn incense to relieve the tension in your body.

Lavender is a nice way to keep your home pleasantly scented. The lavender incense sticks can be burned while you are taking a bath and wash off the worries of the day, or before you go to sleep to ensure a good night's sleep. Lavender incense can act as an insect repellant, keeping flies and mosquitoes away during summer months. Not many people are aware of the fact it can also help avoid seizures, thus can be used as an alternative way of treating epilepsy.

If you want to purchase your incense on the internet, there are easy ways in which you can buy incense online. Google some keywords like lavender incense sticks and many options will come up. Choose a reputable store and read client's reviews before you buy the desired incense.

You should always make sure your lavender incense is used safely. Place the incense sticks in a custom holder and don't leave them unattended for a long period of time. As the lavender scent can become a little too heavy in a confined space, remember to always ventilate your room properly. This way you can fully take advantage of the smoke's properties.

Lavender incense is available in many different packages. The most common ones hold 15 sticks in a pack, but you can find larger ones containing 20 to 50 sticks that last for longer. Their price is based on quality and generally you can purchase lavender incense sticks for about $20 a pack.

After comparing different types of lavender incense, most customers agreed the Indian one is the best. This is due to it retaining most of the plant's original properties.

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Lavender incense sticks

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