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Best Health Insurance in U.s., Exercise, Nutrition

Updated on February 9, 2017


With the recent Supreme Court decision on the Federal Health Insurance law, many people think the debate is over. One of the major issues has never been resolved, the health practices and knowledge of most Americans regarding exercise and nutrition as a road map to good health.

A U.S. citizen can graduate from high school, go on to four years of college, get a BA degree, and go on to a Doctor's degree and know absolutely nothing about the benefits of exercise and nothing about nutritional discipline for long term health into old age. Only a few health gurus seem to understand nutrition, and a lucky few bump into them in the course of their lives. There are solutions to this national health disgrace.

Nutrition should be established in state law as a high school mandatory course, like English and Mathematics. Part of this course from grade school through high school should contain a definitive class on the benefits of exercise and nutrition for maintaining a healthy life up until old age. It has been proven clinically that exercise is a profound benefit for staying healthy into the ages of 70-90. Colleges as well across the nation, should have mandatory nutritional and exercise classes as a requirement for a BA degree.

I recently spent 3 years in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Denver, riding out the storm of the national meltdown in U.S. banks. I am back on the western slope of Colorado, where bike riding, hiking, and swimming are a part of daily life, in the great, free outdoors called the National Forest. This lifetime health insurance was guaranteed by the work of Teddy Roosevelt when he set aside hundreds of millions of acres of National Forest land. It is free and available in most of the West, and a great part of the East. For the rest of the nation, there are public running tracks, hiking and biking trails, and swimming pools, as well as free outdoor basketball courts.

Observing people in the cities for 3 years is an eye opening experience. One trip to Walmart demonstrates the problem. NInety nine % of Americans missed the non existent exercise and nutritional class. A great number of people in the cities bend over when they walk, or use a walker, or generally stumble around off balance.

If you visit a hot tub social gathering at a Denver apartment complex, almost everyone is drunk or drinking, or taking drugs, or bragging about their party consumption of drugs. The state of drug use and alcohol abuse amongst the young people in Denver is part of a national tragedy. Finding someone under the age of 20 in Denver who doesn't drink or take drugs, and works out on a consistent basis, is an anomaly. I overheard a young guy from Ohio exclaim, "My goal is to climb every 14,000 foot mountain in the state, after I have drunk two six packs of beer before each climb." A good counselor will tell you that after the age of 40 the human body and brain do not deal well with alcohol any longer. There is also personality deterioration from a long standing use of alcohol into one's 70's.

The stress in cities from constant traffic is another national nightmare. The constant bumper car syndrome is getting worse in Denver by the day. The roads were not designed 20 to 30 years ago to handle the present amount of cars, and 35% of the autos have severe damage from accidents. If you add alcohol consumption and drugs to the mix of gridlock, something bad is always on the verge of happening.

A high school graduate in Denver has no idea what a good nutritional road map entails, and has no idea regarding the downside of drug and alcohol abuse that is all around them, all of the time. A few visits over the course of 12 years by a high public official has no force, effect or meaning to them. Nobody in high school focused on this problem, unless they stuck with an athletic program, and focused on the discipline they were taught. They probably heard that an ex president was a heavy drinker, and concluded that it is "OK" to be a drunken fool. Alcohol is part of the DNA of American society, the "IN" Old Big Thing.

There are a few wise people who have spoken with profound wisdom in their approach to human happiness and health. The national insurance policy for Chief Red Fox, chief of the Sioux nation in the 19th century was expressed in his famous sayings to his people. He said, "To be healthy you need plenty of sunshine, clean air and clean water."

Congress is blocking subsidies to natural gas vehicles and trucks which is a direct affront to the hope for cleaner air in American cities. Apparently the U.S. Congressmen, never took a class on nutrition and the necessity of clean air to one's health. They are in love with the Black oil society and lobbyists keep them part of the oil combustion engine addiction.

One of the best quotes ever to come out of a national newspaper was a health quote from a prominent nurse in NYC. She said good health is simple, you need "vigorous exercise, high quality food, and plenty of rest."

The U.S. Surgeon General needs to take a basic nutrition and exercise class, listen to wise people like Chief Red Fox, and push for mandatory requirements in high school courses for graduation. All Americans would be insured and the lifestyle is free, and it is part of the U.S. Constitution, the right to the pursuit of happiness and the right to be left alone as expressed by Supreme Court Justice Brandeis in 1928.


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