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Beverly Hills Md. . . . .dark Spot Corrector

Updated on October 11, 2015

Just another foolish claim?

Inundating the Internet these days are advertisements and videos claiming a fix for dark age spots, those ugly splotches that show up on our skin usually as we age. The voice behind the videos is that of Dr. John Layke cosmetic surgeon at Beverly Hills Surgery Group.

Dr. Layke presents a convincing dissertation in which he offers a treatment that he claims has revolutionized the industry when it comes to getting rid of age spots. The super secret ingredient is a fruit. Dr. Layke discovered the fruit while out backing in Australia in the burning sun. A member of the hiking party plucked a PLUM from a tree and gave it to the doctor as a means of relieving his dry and burning skin. And it was amazing.

Thrilled by the discovery of this miraculous healing fruit, Dr. Layke spent 12 months incorporating it into an existing formula. And voila, he created the most powerful spot remover ever invented in all time on earth.

What’s so great about the plum you ask? Well for one thing the humongous levels of Vitamin C. And there are other amazing ingredients and vitamins and good stuff in the mixture that not only eliminate dark spots but also prevent them. But wait! It even helps with acne.

Dr. Layke says he has personally tested almost every dark spot remover on planet earth, and he assures us that his is the best. It is after all the only treatment that has THE PLUM and as proof of its efficacy, Dr. Layke claims a 97.9 rate of customer satisfaction and offers a money back guarantee. He says women have literally banged on his office doors in their frenzy to get the plum cure.

AND then he refers to the Hippocratic oath.

So, you ask, did I go for it? Yup. I followed the instructions, meticulously scrubbing my skin, even exfoliating and applying the plum at night, and I even did it several more times during the day. I kept this up for 30 days.

Well, I’m a skeptic, so I took a picture of my skin prior to the plum and then again after 30 days. What an improvement! Can’t you see it? I labeled the pictures before and after. Just look harder.. . . .keep looking.

Well, I’m going to follow the instructions now for getting a refund. I’d sorta like my $60.00 back. I wonder how successful that will be.


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    • mslizzee profile image

      elizabeth 2 years ago from Buncombe County, NC

      Hi : I'll let you know how the gauranteed refund goes. :)

    • maven101 profile image

      maven101 2 years ago from Northern Arizona

      Buyer beware...Thanks for the tipoff....My face is becoming one giant freckle...Larry