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Updated on June 17, 2015
ill take that Natural Nikkii anyday
ill take that Natural Nikkii anyday


Do you want a big booty? Why? Surgery? Natural way? Injection? Which would you prefer?

Personally I am firm believer in hard work pays off. As it does. You really cant appreciate something you haven't worked hard for!! Feel me? You don't work 345 days a year to get a tax return to buy brand new furniture. Just to watch your friend child come stand, jump, and play all over it. Natural instinct is to tell your friend to get control of their child. Shoot you worked hard for that beautiful love seat. Your friend wont understand the big idea, so don't expect them to.

Medical procedures have a lot of side effects from day one until years down the line.

Gym membership or at home work plans only require water and maybe a pre workout and some protein after words.

Is going to Dr. Miami only proves you got some money and was able to afford the operation, so you only fraternize about the booty for 6 six or so then your forget about just know that is there.

Fitness 19 will have you admiring your body due to all your hard work and dedication you'll see results and the results will ave you addicted. you can pick and choose how you want you booty, when you want a booty..

Big booty exercise

25 Squats, 25 lunges, 15 kickbacks, 25 hip abduction in 3set

let me know your results after two week. im waiting


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