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BRCA positive? Finding support when you have the BRCA mutation.

Updated on August 28, 2011

It can pose a challenge to enter the world of breast cancer when you don’t actually have cancer. I found myself often saying to friends and family, ‘I am having a mastectomy but no, I do not have cancer.’  I tried to explain the statistics but often others didn’t understand my concerns and why I have chosen to have a prophylactic mastectomy and reconstruction and, in addition, eventually have an oophorectomy.

I am not suggesting that family and friends cannot be a network of support but true empathy comes from those who have been or are in your shoes. That is why FORCE (Facing Our Risk Cancer Empowered) is a great opportunity to connect with others who have the BRCA mutation, whether through local meetings, the national conference, message boards or the SOS (Support Our Sisters) program. Take advantage of what FORCE has to offer and learn all you can. The more I knew, the more empowered I felt.


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    • profile image

      janels 6 years ago

      Brave, articulate, and incredibly informative--women helping women is the best kind of information. Fabulous articles, thanks justsayom!