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BURDENS: Who Needs Them? Underground Bliss Exposed!

Updated on April 6, 2014

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology

Burden's Esoteric Face
Burden's Esoteric Face

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy E-Mail O-Gram Invitation: Esoteric Psychological Method "Cutting Through The Bull"

What does a burden mean to you? Does it represent an act of resistance to a ‘favor’ being asked? Does it imply an unnecessary duty prescribed? Do you consider it the worry and concern you feel for someone's welfare?

Does it invoke an unpleasant reaction to having to be around an unlikable person whom you are being subjected to?

Does it involve the feeling of being used, abused, taken for granted or abandoned in some manner? Is the idea of not receiving enough respect a burden to you? Does it occur when you feel your personal space being invaded?

Or would it represent a person, place or thing that you feel restricts you or holds you back in some way? Are you bursting at the seams to get away for awhile?

Simply, because you are under too much stress with overloaded problems causing undue headaches? Don't you realize that the headaches are a sure sign that you are in the process of elimination? You are literally being opened up on a new level of communication. And, it's about time! If you resist, the heaviness will persist.

Or is a burden some object or situation you merely don’t like, prefer or feel uncomfortable being involved in? Do you automatically assume a burden is produced when someone asks you to do something in the midst of already being overworked, obligated and congested with a list of things to do?

Do you feel burdened when you are sick, tired, and drained from tedious matters that don’t seem to go away? What about the overt lies you feel you must tell in order toavoid overextended burdens?

Could it possibly be that these so-called burdens are the result of guilt, remorse, and regret you have carried over from manipulating problematic circumstances you in fact invoked?

In other words, are you still needing to ‘try to’ make right a situation, event or break-up that can’t and won’t ever be resolved to your satisfaction?Burdens are self-imposed, period. there are no such thing as real burdens. you inflict this unnecessary conflict in order to feel special. That's right, I said special.

Contemplate what the word burden summons up in you. Heavy, sticky, troublesome, agitating, irritability of the worst kind! Bottom line; Burdens bother you and you don’t want to be bothered. Then, why are you? When are you going to bring something of genuine merit to the table?

No kidding, what can you actually do with all of your so-called burdens?

What do you want to do about them? Can you live without the pressure of feeling so important? Are they necessary? And, do you really have to put up with the chaos they invoke in your life? No. Burdens are the by-products of not being genuine or sincere in your personal interactions.

You have made requests that obligated the other in some cumbersome way.

You had elaborate expectations, and you tried to inflict a sense of responsibility where none was warranted. Also, as a friendly reminder, IF you ever do anything for a person when you really don’t want to, you are creating an unwholesome situation for the both of you.

There is never a time when you should feel obligated to perform for another. Never. If it’s not ‘natural and convenient’, don’t do it. You will end up resenting the action and the other will never forgive you for it.

Rule number one: in the process of eliminating burdens. Never ask for or receive favors. Who do you think you are? When someone does you a so-called favor, he is asking to be put in a elevated place in your life.

You inevitably end up resenting this position, place and person. When you solicit a favor, you are asking to be put in that same special position. No, thank you. Decline. Burdens can be totally eliminated, IF you carry your own emotional bags without the aid of another.

Rule number 2: Stop placating! Don’t say yes when you mean no simply for fear of looking ‘bad’ in the eyes of others. Bear up to your uncomfortable and unfamiliar tests of authenticity boldly and joyfully. You will feel so much better about yourself and so will the other appreciate your candidness.

Rule number 3: Cease with your double mindedness. Everyone can feel the gap in your motivations. Your phoniness shines like a red combed rooster in the rain. Give up your innuendos for gut level honesty. The duty is to yourself first and always before you make one more phony statement, stop your tongue from wagging frivolously.

Self-sacrificing duty is a disposable egoistic term that you attach to burdens which can easily be dismantled at any time, you choose. You must determine the boundaries of where genuine duty falls. Duty is singular and self-serving. You are never administering duty on the behalf of another.

You and only you can call the shots for duty’s path of allegiance.

When you have openly placed yourself in a situation where a so-called unpleasant person, whom life has not severed from your space, realize that valuable lessons can be gained should you be so inclined to witness the messages offered.

When the spiky lessons have been obtained satisfactorily, the person will vanish from your eyes.

So, don’t be so insistent in trying to get them or the circumstance removed for your ease unless you are at that indomitable ruthless place of truth in action whereby you dismiss the person, event, circumstance as not registering with you altogether. .

Do you feel your personal space has been used indiscriminately? Do feel invisible to the other? Are your personal needs being undervalued? Does the other color the conversation with his/her obsessive use of the word “I”?

Do you feel the need to assert yourself when in the presence of certain people? Incidentally, how can anyone hold you back from what is rightfully yours?

It is solely because you have made yourself too accessible for egoistic reasons, (addicted to the drama of being special) that you find yourself in the awkward situation.

Your individual desires are not a burden unless you subject another person to them forcibly. When the established facts indicate that your personal plate of experiences is more than you can say grace over, it’s time to clean house.

Turn the tables over. Remove the thieves from the premise. Guess where the premise exists? In your mind.

Burdens are clear signs and omens that what is being presented to you is prefabricated phooey. You want to cling to an idea that is simply not true or valid anymore.

Burdens present a corridor of a ‘green mile’ escape. They represent an unmistakable proposal of self-investigation. How busy are you? What is it that you feel so insecure about that can not be interrupted for fear of falling apart?

Burdens, when approached consistently and reverently are not detriments to the puzzle but interesting clues to what’s really bothering you.

It’s never the obvious. It’s always the opposite of what it appears to be. You are running on 3 cylinders and need to slow down.

Get real. Do you even know how to do that one act of legitimacy? Stop mollycoddling. You have become a burden to yourself and others. You are not a very pleasant person to be around. Especially when you say, “Everything’s alright.”

IF everything was alright, you’d have no burdens to speak of. Or, at least in the manner in which you refer to them. Enjoy a life filled with burdens or do away with them. Either way, appreciate what they indelibly represent: merciful angles in disguise.

Burdens represent unexpressed latent sexual desires. What you need is a good uninhibited lay. (Or maybe 200 or 300 of them.)

Get busy with what you really want and stop indulging in activities that bore you to death.

Can't See The Forest For The Trees
Can't See The Forest For The Trees


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