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How to Burn Hundreds of Calories Doing Household Chores: Lose Weight and Tone up Muscle Fast

Updated on May 2, 2017

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Eat Cake
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Burning Calories

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Time to Get Busy

I am quite a realist, at least for most of the time and that's why this article expresses a realistic view that while people want to be healthy, time and energy sometimes don't make the perfect mix. The gym is just another chore and the idea of jogging first thing in the morning or last thing at night; it's the last thing you want to do.

Family must always come first and you always come last. Between breakfast, lunch boxes and wondering what to do for tea, while panicking about a dirty gym kit, you're exhausted and that's all before 8am. And who wants to walk the dog? No one.

Swimming might be a good idea, not too strenuous.... a walk in the local park could blow away a cobweb or two... but then reality kicks in and you can think of a hundred reasons why not to. Lets face it: you have every reason under the sun why not to! You've been rehearsing it for years and are a national expert expressing reasons for: why not to.

The thing is, I am not here to judge: no really I'm not. I too can make excuses that sound absolutely one hundred percent convincing, however you might like to hear the following facts, AND you can do it from home. It won't take hours (unless you want to) it's free, and you'll have a spotless home to boot. But first in case we have any exercise lovers or perhaps possible future fanatics; I have a break down of exercises and calories burned per hour below. Who knows! someone out there might decide to burn some calories by taking a walk with the poor dog or God forbid having a swim (not with the poor dog).

Burn Baby Burn

Top Calorie Burning Exercises:

An average person weighing 155lbs will burn the following calories listed in an hour, based on a moderate exercise exertion level and not on an olympic medal wanna be try out level.

  • Darts 175 calories
  • Bowling 210 calories
  • Volleyball 210 calories
  • Sky diving 245 calories
  • Walking @ 3 mph 247 calories
  • Horse riding 280 calories
  • Cycling @ 10 mph 284 calories
  • Badminton 315 calories
  • Golfing 315 calories
  • Jumping 317 calories
  • Dancing 320 calories
  • Swimming 422 calories
  • Jogging 450 calories
  • Running @ 5 mph 472 calories
  • Ice skating 500 calories
  • Tennis 500 calories
  • Rowing 690 calories
  • Aerobic exercise 700 calories
  • Rock climbing 710 calories
  • Kick boxing 900 calories

And just to cheer you up even more, I couldn't resist adding the fact that 3500 calories (more or less) is equal to 1lb in weight.

If you're having a large double cheeseburger and french fries for dinner, 5 hours of aerobics it is then. Any takers? or perhaps a delicious lettuce leaf sandwich on rye is a better option.

House Hold Chores

A person weighing an average 155lbs will burn the following calories per half hour, doing the following household chores with a reasonable attitude to using a little energy.

  • Washing the windows 200 calories
  • Spring cleaning 160 calories
  • Polishing all the mirrors 180 calories
  • Cleaning the bathroom 105 calories
  • Vacuuming 105 calories
  • Dusting and polishing 100 calories
  • Mopping the kitchen floor 100 calories
  • Cooking dinner 90 calories
  • Baking a cake 80 calories
  • Doing the laundry 70 calories
  • Ironing 65 calories
  • Washing the dishes 65 calories
  • Digging the garden 250 calories
  • Mowing the lawn 195 calories
  • Weeding 195 calories
  • Playing with the kids 150 calories
  • Clearing out the garage 129 calories
  • Washing the car 125 calories
  • Planting a herb garden 120 calories
  • Picking up rubbish 110 calories
  • Watering plants 100 calories
  • Grocery shopping 100 calories

I imagine after doing that lot you'll be a contender for Housekeeper of The Year Award.

It's also possible your family and friends will think you have a serious case of OCD (obssesive compulsive disorder) and pack you off to see a shrink.

A Little Good News

  • Every time it takes 2 minutes to go up stairs you burn 17 calories, coming back down you burn another 7 calories.
  • Having a snooze or sleeping: you will burn your way through 80 calories. Why not add another 20 minutes to your 40 winks zzzzzzz.
  • Enjoy watching TV? not to worry, an hour every evening looking at your favorite programs will burn a staggering 85 calories and you don't even have to move.
  • Drinking cold water burns calories, so fill up a bottle and leave it in your fridge. Oh! and water helps flush your system, a double whammy.
  • Hot spices increase your metabolism, which means you burn calories quicker. Add a little chili, hot paprika or cayenne pepper to your favorite dishes.
  • Take the stairs and skip the lift, whether you're in a shopping mall or a high rise building. Burn those calories and tone those thighs: steps it is!
  • Get off the bus two stops before your stop and walk the rest of the way. Save shillings and lose pounds with ease.
  • Stop driving short distances: save the environment while you save your waistline.
  • Stick a picture of yourself on the fridge indulging in a favorite food. Amazingly this is a proven deterrent: not only will it keep you away from the fridge it will keep everyone else away as well.

Best of luck and remember: if you slip up, climb back on the wagon and keep on going. Don't be fazed, good things can take a little time and losing weight for some of us is a struggle. Stick with it and don't give up, you will lose those stubborn pounds and feel happy and healthy.

© 2010 Gabriel Wilson


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    • Gabriel Wilson profile image

      Gabriel Wilson 5 years ago from Madeira, Portugal

      Tanx Mmargie. It's amazing how many calories household chores burn.

    • Mmargie1966 profile image

      Mmargie1966 5 years ago from Gainesville, GA

      What an awesome hub! Thank you for sharing this informative article! I voted up!