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Your First Baby - Pregnancy Questions

Updated on September 28, 2009

The day when you first notice the signs and symptoms of pregnancy can be the most exciting day of your life. If you have experienced difficulty getting pregnant or have had natural fertility treatments you may have thought this day would never arrive!

For a lot of women, pregnancy brings up fears and doubts within them that they may have complications, or that their pregnancy isn't going to be normal. These are common fears, and usually associated with a woman’s first child. Hopefully we can relieve some of the fears you are having, by answering some of the questions that have come up time and time again. We see where women are confused, feeling lost, or just generally don't understand what is going on, and this helps to manifest negative emotions. As long as you understand, and have a firm grasp of how your body is working, you will be able to ease your own worries when they do manage to come up.

First, for your early pregnancy, a question that comes up quite often is how to ensure they are going to have a healthy child birth. For this, we have to urge you to regularly see your doctor. By having routine checkups, he is going to monitor you and your baby’s activity, and be alerted to any signs up trouble when they come up, instead of waiting too long to find out what is going on. He is probably going to put you on a multivitamin for prenatal care that has a mix of what most women are lacking in their own bodies. Don't worry though, whatever your body doesn't use, you will naturally get rid of, so there isn't any harm to your little one.

Pregnancy Stages

When it comes with how to deal with your first pregnancy, your best bet is going to be to get in touch with a good pediatrician, or prenatal physician. If you cannot afford one, apply for federal assistance through your state. States give insurance, Medicaid, and food stamps to pregnant women to ensure they have the best chances at having healthy pregnancy. These physicians can ensure that you have the best vitamins that your body is lacking, and can keep you on a solid prenatal vitamin, monitoring your progress. If you have any questions or fears that arise through your pregnancy, you can quickly jump on the phone with your physician and let them know what is going on. This is a life saver for first time expectant mothers!

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Exercising during your pregnancy is another way to ensure you have a healthy labor and delivery, along with conceiving a healthy child. Exercise works to release the toxins that buildup in your organs and muscles, helping you to naturally feel better, along with giving your baby a better mood overall. His mood greatly depends on how you feel, and it has been said that the emotions you carry throughout your pregnancy are the emotions that your child will feel are normal. While this hasn't been proven medically, the research stands in its favor.

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Help Getting Pregnant

Lisa fought for over a decade to have her own children, and the experience she gained through this is going to help you immensely.  By knowing exactly how to structure your diet, along with knowing your peak fertility times, and other guarded methods, you are going to have a timer telling you when you can conceive.  This alone is going to help you become pregnant within months, instead of dealing with fertility doctors, different medications, and having people tell you over and over again that your body may just be broken.  No woman wants to hear that she is possibly not going to be able to conceive, as this is the one life dream that most women have for themselves.  As long as you understand what Lisa is trying to tell you, you are going to have a lot easier time trying to conceive.

Pregnancy Questions - Your Comments

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  • profile image

    clare 7 years ago

    Great article :-)

  • profile image

    my life dream 7 years ago

    Loads of great information here. Especially important is taking care of the body and emotions to cultivate the important feel good factor during pregnancy.

  • Shaunelle Tansy profile image

    Shaunelle Tansy 8 years ago from a galaxy far far away

    Being pregnant is not only one of the most scary things that will ever happen to you, but one of the most beautiful as well. Some great information here on all the different stages your body goes through. Thanks for this hub :-)

  • Emico profile image

    Emico 8 years ago

    Love this info! I am afraid to get pregnant.Dont know why?! This post helped me erase some of my doubts.TFS!