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The Baby Shower Gift Bingo Game

Updated on April 8, 2009

Around age 20 it starts. We as women are subjected to the abundance of baby showers for our friends, family, neighbors, friends of friends, even ourselves. Some months it seems there's a baby shower every other weekend.

Now your sister, your best friend, or someone else that has nobody else to give them one, needs a baby shower. You are the ideal candidate. Whether this is the first baby shower you've hosted or the 4th, trying to come up with fun, enjoyable ways to entertain your guests can be trying.

So you have the food covered and the decorations, you even bought cute little confetti in the shapes of rattles and bottles. You made everyone's favorite dip, and you are very proud of the adorable framed pictures of mom and dad as babies that you scored from their own mothers.

All that's left is coming up with the games.

Baby Gift Bingo

Everyone does the "baby items on the tray" baby shower game and "guess how much the mom-to-be has gained" probably won't be a huge hit, well maybe with the guests, but not with the mom-to-be.

So while you are trying to come up with fabulous baby shower games to entertain your guests with a game that no one else is doing, consider Baby Gift Bingo. Baby Shower Gift Bingo is a game done while mom-to-be is opening up her gifts. Guests cross off items they wrote on the boards and if there are only a few gifts, winner is chosen at bingo. If there are many gifts winner is chosen at black out or whomever is closest.

You could buy baby shower bingo games in the store but it is so much more personal and gets such great ooh's and ahh's when the host makes them herself. Use your own creativity to make from paper supplies or find a Bingo board template online. You want a 5 square X 5 square board.


For A Handmade Board:

  • Consider doing the background in a solid or patterned baby shower themed background. The game area should be white or very light in color for writing

  • Use baby stickers to brighten up the background of the board

  • Take to Kinko's or your nearest copier shop so that you can make copy's in color for as many guests you have. Print a few extra for those unexpected guests.

For A Bingo Board Made On The Computer

  • You can search online to find a generic bingo board or you can manipulate Excel or Word or any another similar proccessing program to create your 5 square by 5 square board.
  • Use free baby shower clip art to find great images that will compliment your bingo board.
  • Print out in color if possible. Print a few extra for any unexpected guests.

Baby Shower Gifts
Baby Shower Gifts

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How To Play Baby Shower Gift Bingo

  1. All guests are given a bingo board and enough small pieces of paper, pennies, small stickers(so you can read the words if there is question.), or any other game piece to cover up the squares.
  2. Guests are asked to write in each square what they think the new mom will get. They are to write their gift or a part of their gift in just one square, preferably the middle square. They can not use more then one square for their own.
  3. They can guess as specific or general as they chose. Baby clothes, baby gowns, pacifiers, bottles, baby Swing, crib, baby wash-towels. etc.
  4. As mom opens her gifts and shows everyone each thing she received, guests cover up their guesses.
  5. When someone has BINGO or BLACKOUT, they win.

Why We Love This Game

This is a lot of fun for both mom and guests.

Mom-to-be's guest feel more a part of the gift opening process. They aren't just excited to see her open their gift, but they are anxious to see all the gifts. It's more interactive.

Mom-to-be loves that her guests do not feel bored by watching her open yet another set of baby gowns or infant toys. She has all eyes on her still, but her guests are into the game so they are not just sitting around waiting for her to finish. There is more conversation going on related to the gifts and less sidetalk distracting others.


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