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Back, Neck and Wrist Pain?

Updated on June 4, 2011

This is a really good thing to read, especially if you are one of those people that get really sore necks and wrists after extended periods sitting at your office desk. I was one of these people literally up until 3 days ago when i attended a lecture at uni on ergonomic working stations.

Whilst being at University, and spending extended amounts of time at my desk studying I have noticed (more so than when i was at high school) a number of problems with regards to pain in the back/spine and also my wrists. It wasn't until the tutorial on Thursday that i really understood why this was so. That very night after getting home i went and replaced my old, unadjustable office chair with a new one that was able to rise up higher than my old one (i figured getting a new chair would be easier than finding a lower desk). Sitting at my desk in my new chair i was able to be up approximately 10 centimeters higher than i was able to be beforehand. With this extra height i noticed straight away that my wrists weren't having to bend and curve up and over my keyboard and also that the angle looking down onto my laptop felt much more natural rather than forced (as it was before). It is now Sunday evening as i write this blog and already after just 3 days my wrists are feeling much better (cracking less when i move them) and also i'm finding that i can work a lot longer in this position than i could previously (i was having to stop at least every 15 minutes to stand up, stretch and crack my neck and wrists). Unfortunately i haven't had the same drastic results with my neck (i suspect this maybe due to other factors) although like i said before i am able to maintain this position sitting at my desk for much longer than i could previously, so i would call that a win for me there as well. I really never gave it much thought until hearing it actually lectured to me and certainly never thought in a million years that simply adjusting the height of a chair could have such drastic results but i guess the proof is in the pudding!


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