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Back Pain-Have you hurt yourself shoveling this winter?

Updated on March 3, 2015

Get over it, Chiropractic works best for low back pain

Sitting all day at your desk? Driving a truck for hours on end? Not exercising quite enough any more? Like everyone we all sit way too much. Unless you stand all day at work you are risk for low back pain.

Left un-treated for many years there will be a mechanical aspect to your back pain. I know that you think a massage will cure it. And if it is a simple muscular problem, it will help. I want you to understand that most cases have both mechanical and muscular aspects to the pain.

A chiropractor will address the mechanical and the muscular components at the same time. It is a more efficient way to really solve the problem.

Back Pain is an Epidemic

4/5 people will have back pain during their lives
4/5 people will have back pain during their lives

Why it works so well

Your muscles attach to your bones. When a bone mis-aligns it will pull and stretch the muscle causing pain. The muscles have rich nerve and blood supplies. The bones are more inert. The bones have nerves but are not as sensitive as the muscles are.

Poor habits like excessive sitting and lack of exercise cause mechanical changes over time. The bones are no longer in a desirable spot. There is where you lose mechanical efficiency. The term applied here is a subluxation. The subluxation creates a much larger problem for the surrounding tissue. The muscles will have to work harder to make up for the loss of mechanical efficiency.

Probably not exercising enough, be honest

We need to exercise more to keep blood flow adequate and to stay flexible.
We need to exercise more to keep blood flow adequate and to stay flexible.

Why Not See a Chiropractor?

Would you consider seeing a chiropractor for back pain?

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Back Pain Emergency

What exactly does a chiropractor do for a bad back?

Basically chiropractor re-positions the bones that have subluxated. In doing so, they remove pressure on the nerve that could be causing pain. This also normalizes the muscles attached to the subluxated bones. When a bone is subluxated the muscles have to work harder to support the area.

This is why people confuse the cause of their pain and assume that it is mostly muscular in nature. It is both but when you restore the vertebra (spinal bone) to its normal location the muscle will not have to work as hard.

The chiropractor puts the vertebra back in place. Removing the physical stress a subluxation produces on the body.


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