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Back Pain - Sciatica - Bulging Discs - How To Correct Your Own Back Troubles

Updated on June 15, 2011

Do You Want To Know How To Rid Yourself Of Back Troubles?

Back Pain can be a real disaster. And there are just way too many people who are still suffering from it.

And what's even worse is that science tries to make us believe that 90% of the back pain cases have no known cause...

What is going on here?...

....Well I have been there and done all sorts of things to try and rid myself of back troubles - went to see chiropractors, physical therapy, etc. etc.

But my troubles just kept on coming back.

So I decided to set out on a so called information hunt, to find out how I could get rid of my own back troubles...

And guess what?...

I learned lots about myself, I learned to better listen to my body...

I discovered that my body was not trying to slow me down, but was trying to tell me that I was not using it wisely and not looking well after myself...

Funny thing is that once I decided to listen to my body and no longer fight the pain, but follow it instead, my body quickly helped me get back in better shape and rewarded me with vigor and energy that before was spent on pain and how to deal with that.

Maybe this sounds strange to you, but allow me to explain a bit.

Just let me track back a bit, I myself suffered from back troubles for may years, it started in my high school years when I played rugby - I am from the Netherlands and over there some of us play this great sport...

Rugby is a full contact sport without the protective gear that American football allows...

So I got injured a couple of times and one time it was my neck that got hurt quite a bit.

But I was young, and after a week or so, my troubles got less and less and before I could think about this, I was back on the field, playing this wonderful game...

Then later on - after I started what one would call a career - I moved my body less and less and before I knew it back troubles showed up in my life.

If you ever had back troubles you know exactly how it goes, you don't stop unless it stops you, you just keep going and if you have to pop a pill, that's just how it is, as long as you can keep going.

And on top of that I got some massage, some cracking of the bones, some physiotherapy and you name it what else I tried.

Sad thing - and come to think of it, stupid as well - is that I never stopped to figure out why my back troubles increased over time...

I even had the so-called sciatic pains running right down my leg all the way into my ankle... that woke me up a bit, but not for long, cause soon the pain was gone, allowing me to carry on with the life that was still causing my troubles to come back...

...I worked as a self employed teambuilder and one day was floored again, but this time it was so bad that I had to cancel a teambuilding session I was to run that day...

And that is what gave me the final push to stop neglecting my body and the back pains, but slow down for a bit and figure out what the trouble really was.

But allow me to ask you a question about your back troubles first:

What are your back troubles?

Please tell me - Which Back Problems do you suffer from most?

See results

Thanks For Answering!

OK, so you have answered the question above, and we will all be able to see which types of back troubles that people suffer from most, thanks for that!

But here is another question for you, and believe me, over the years I have asked this question to so many people and I am flabbergasted by the answers I get, but more about that below, here is the question:

Do You Know How YOU Have Caused Your Back Troubles?

Please tick the option that indicates best how well you are aware of the role YOU played in causing your own back troubles.

See results

Now Here Is Why I Was Flabbergasted...

Like I said above, I was totally shocked to find out that most people - when asked about their back troubles - can quickly tell you all about their symptoms, BUT they talk about them as if Back Pain, Sciatica or Bulging Discs are a disease...

And if I then ask people to explain to me what they think the cause of their troubles is, all most people can do is just repeat the symptoms and go on to explain it might have to do with a bulging disc, or worn out discs...

And one thing I learned in life is that if there is a problem, you better find what caused it, and deal with the cause.

Reminds me of a story of a lady who went to the garage, complaining about this small red light blinking on her dashboard...

...the guy looks at it and said: "I can fix that, just leave the car and come back end of the day".

So the lady returns at the end of the day, and lo and behold the light blinks no more, so she pays the guy and off she goes...

...she doesn't get far though, soon the engine starts making funny noises, then slows down, but the lady just steps on it a bit more...

...until the engine gives in and comes to a screeching halt with smoke poring out...

She gets picked up and taken to the nearest garage...

...upon checking it turns out the engine had run out of oil and was totally ruined...

The guys at this garage ask the lady if she had not seen the red blinking light...

You get where I am going with this?...

If there are red lights blinking on your dashboard PLEASE figure out what they mean, and don't cut the wire feeding the light!

And if your are suffering from back pain, sciatica or bulging discs, please know that they are just symptoms of a problem...

The real problem is that you developed back pain, sciatica or bulging discs.

And most often it has to do with just some simple things:

- not making enough of the right moves with your body (your body is made to move, and it needs movement to stay healthy!)

- making too many of the same moves - as in sitting too long behind a computer in a stooped posture

- bad postural habits during daily acitvities

- dietary habits that dehydrate your discs

And this is what I found out works best:

- when your are suffering from acute back troubles, make sure you relax your cramped back muscles

- then work on a back pain exercise program that increases circulation around your pain inflamed muscles

- also make sure you develop your muscles in a balanced way

- work on posture improvement

- if you can, re-hydrate your discs by adding some decompression exercises to your daily life

These are the exact things I did to get rid of my own back troubles. And if you would like to try out the special program I developed, feel free to check out

Good Luck!

Please Explain your Back Troubles If You Like

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