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Back Pain Solutions-Infrared Light Therapy

Updated on August 2, 2016

Infrared Light Therapy-Introduction

Red light has been proved to have healing qualities
Red light has been proved to have healing qualities

Infrared Light Therapy For Back Pain Works!

Back Pain Solutions have come a long way since the 1960’s when research began on using light therapy for pain relief.

Back then, it was found that the light which penetrated through skin is single light either red, blue or green (with varying frequencies). Whatever the colour, beneficial effects were noted in the body. As tests progressed however, it was found that the red end of the light spectrum seemed to bring about increased, frequent healing and muscle stimulation.

Studies later found that red light wavelengths (from 630 to 700 nm) penetrated into human tissue to a depth of 10 mm but, more interestingly, infrared light (800 to 1000nm) penetrated to a depth of about 40mm. It is thought that the infrared light frequency is absorbed better by cells in the human body because it resonates at the nearest frequency of human cells.

It may be seen therefore, that infrared light may be more effective at treating internal organs and tissues and for providing relief for internal muscle and nerve pain.

Infrared light wavelengths rejuvenate cells, stimulate healing and most importantly, increase circulation (in some studies this was found to be 4000 times faster than from other light sources). Please note-an eye mask may need to be worn to protect the eyes during infrared light treatment. Please check with the manufacturer of infrared products.

Benefits Of Infrared Light Therapy

When cells lack oxygen and nutrients, often as a result of poor circulation the result can be painful cramps and pain; infrared wavelengths can help because they can stimulate muscles and nerves to function again!

Benefits of infrared light or wavelength therapy include (this list isn’t exhaustive):

  • dilation and expansion of blood vessels-which helps to relieve muscles and nerves by bringing in more oxygen and carrying away waste products such as lactic acid
  • increased overall blood circulation
  • increased lymph drainage of toxins
  • stimulation of healing compounds in cells
  • increased energy production in cells
  • lowering of blood pressure
  • toxin detoxification and elimination in body
  • optimization of kidney function
  • soothes whole regions of pain in the body by delivering heat to internal organs eg the pelvic region

Why This Therapy Helps

Therefore, infrared heat therapy, is considered one of the best methods for health improvements that are non invasive, non surgical and 100% natural.

As infrared light and heat increases circulation it is really useful for those suffering from tension myositis syndrome and particularly knee or back pain.

Used to relieve the acute pain or discomfort of such conditions, sufferers can then focus on healing any root emotional issues that may be the REAL source and cause of pain, read Dr John Sarno's books for more info.

Forms of infrared therapy include: lamps, massagers, mats, mattresses even powerful infrared saunas (infrared saunas are great for weight loss too).

However, it is worth noting, that some people with certain conditions are not recommended to have light therapy. This includes those with skin allergies, eye problems and that are on some medications that can interact with the light. Always consult a doctor or medical practitioner before using any type of light therapy.

Amazon Infrared Pain Solutions

Skin Act 5 Head Infrared Heat Therapy Lamp with Flexible Arms, infra red lamp, infrared light
Skin Act 5 Head Infrared Heat Therapy Lamp with Flexible Arms, infra red lamp, infrared light

This Infrared Heat Therapy uses a special type of luminous lamp that is designed to generate energy in the infrared portion of the electromagnetic field. The lamp generates radiant thermal energy.



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    • lowbackpainaway profile image

      lowbackpainaway 19 months ago

      Before using infrared light it's worth checking if you need to wear an eye mask, depending on the frequency and intensity of the light used.

    • profile image

      Dane 5 years ago

      Reduce wrinkles, fine lines, acne and rosacea with Collagen Red Light Therapy. It really works!

    • profile image

      GRose 5 years ago

      no side effects it's all natural no chemicals or pills. It works for thousands of people and it worked for me!

    • profile image

      Lakshmi, S. K. 5 years ago

      Aren't there any side effects or does it suit the needs of all types of skins and body types?

    • profile image

      Kate 6 years ago

      I had severe back pain for the last four months, due to a car accident. I have been in therapy and on strong pain meds ever since. I began Red Light Therapy at a tanning salon to help get rid of wrinkles, and miraculously it COMPLETELY took away my pain after about 7 visits. I could not believe it! Now lets hope it helps the wrinkles too;)

    • profile image

      BL 7 years ago

      My doc started infrared light therapy on me today. I have fibro and chronic myofascial pain syndrome. My worst pain is in the pelvis. My doc in Kingston Ontario is having a special infrared light made to go up inside and into the pelvis to blast the light into that area. He tried a normal infrared gun on my back and it did relieve some pain but only for a few minutes. This is why he's having a cervical gun made to see if it will help patients like me who's pain was caused by child birth. He's tried the cortizone shots and they didn't work for me because i have too many areas of pain. But the infrared light may help.

    • profile image

      Gez 7 years ago

      Hi there thanks for that interesting comments and explanation of infrared usage well done