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Back to Brittany (Strength is Reborn!)

Updated on November 12, 2012

I am Brittany!

I know I am ridiculous, but I love my Maria girl!
I know I am ridiculous, but I love my Maria girl!
Me in the beginning of my earthly journey
Me in the beginning of my earthly journey
Totally exhausted, devastated, and holding it together with duck tape and toilet paper
Totally exhausted, devastated, and holding it together with duck tape and toilet paper
Jacey and Maria
Jacey and Maria
J and M again
J and M again
Annette and Maria
Annette and Maria

Life, liberty, and happiness pursued

Are we a society of free thinkers? Now, before you quickly assert your answer, think I urge you! Yes, we are promised life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I think this short sentence in 2012 has taken on an entirely different meaning in it’s self. Some might argue that the true intentions behind this sentence had the same narcissistic, exclusive, divisive intent in its original context and form. Some would say it did not include everyone, it was exclusively for a particular type of human being and divided and separated them from the majority of persons. What I have seen in past few months, weeks and days have been truly devastating to an optimistic person such as me.

I have suffered great loss this year, one of the losses being my greatest cheerleader, my beautiful mother. I learned a great deal from my mother on the importance of being who you are, embracing your gifts and talents, and helping others on their journey, and to live life to the fullest and embrace life’s lessons good and bad and stay strong during your journey. Reflecting like this is so refreshing and I smile on the thoughts of the colorful ways in which these realizations have come to pass. You see my mother said to me since my first memory, “Brittany you can be anything you want to be! The sky is the limit for you, one day you will realize the world is your oyster!”

She was always pushing and investing in my future, as a kid it seems irritating and as an adult invaluable. I find myself investing in my daughter and my sister’s future’s in the same way. That for me is a beautiful piece on investment and investing in one’s true self, it’s ok to be who you are and I will stand behind you and support you in embracing who you are. It is a very refreshing, grounding, and safe feeling and I wish that for everyone at some point in their life, truly.

Now back to the original question, are we a society of free thinkers? In my opinion, we are not or at least not as much as some of us would like to believe. Case in point is the election; there were some people so devastated by the election, yes devastated, no typo there that it seemed as if they could not go on. They were seriously suffering from a severe case of post election traumatized by Obama syndrome. You would have thought Obama was really Freddy or Jason and had invaded their dreams and nightmares. There was talk of God forsaking them, starting support groups, etc. While I am all for support groups, I will admit I thought they had gone too far, but to each their own.

I can peacefully disagree with anyone’s opinion or political view, etc. As I listened to both sides I was disappointed at the lack of tolerance and respect for difference. I will admit I am a joking type of person and sometimes I stir the pot for fun, especially if I think someone is being ridiculous or down right insane. (Just my opinion) Some people may think that some comments I make are mean-spirited and I can honestly say they are wrong. I never go into anything with the intention of hurting anyone. I may find a colorful way of emphasizing my view point, but don’t blame me blame my personality. (Guess that is me, ha!)

One reporter stated how people do not tolerate others that do not think or believe the way in which they do. It is sad, because it is true for most. There was a time, where difference was acceptance, tolerated and embraced; now it is shun. How can we learn and evolve when no one is willing to embrace the difference. I have met people I might not necessarily like or even agreed with, but I would not say that there was nothing they could have taught me. In all honesty I have learned the most in my life span from those who were not just like me. For me, those lessons and moments tend to stick with me. Could it be that we have embraced what I call the Hollywood yes man syndrome.

In the H-Y-M-S, there is no room for any opinions, but your own and if any view or opinion arises contrary to your myopic utopia view point, it must admittedly be renounced and discarded along with the person who announced it. Not only do you kill the message, but the messenger must also go. There is no tolerance or respect for allowing cancer to infect our purified circle and if there is even one ounce of discord for the view point that rules it must be vaporized immediately.

This is not only a dysfunctional way of living, but it goes against inner compassion and need for respect for humankind. There is no room for free thinkers and free thinking in this utopia, because it causes confusion to the masses. I think this is also where some religious institutions go array, because they are not taught to truly embrace and respect others that believe differently than what they hold to be their core belief structure. They are taught like in Amish and other religious traditions in a way to shun them to a degree. You do not associate with them, because you will be condoning the behavior or belief in which you do not agree.

One thing they tend to miss or sacrifice in the name of their cause is having love and general respect for their fellow human being. What is the cost of showing someone a bite of decency and respect? What is so hard about showing tolerance even? Maybe the cost is ego, maybe the cost is power, or maybe it is shame and guilt, maybe the cost is letting go of or releasing yourself from an ideology that is killing your essence.

No election outcome, differing view point, or disagreement is worth you or anyone else for that matter. Embrace freedom truly, allow others to be free thinkers around you and it will give you the self permission to think freely for yourself as well. Acceptance that we are not all the same person and all children of the same school of thought, however, we must and should respect our differences and if it starts with tolerance so be it. We owe it to our essence to respect one another and respect what is here with us.

I am not saying it is going to be easy, because some will intentionally push those buttons, and the steam will rise from your ears, but as you cool off give them permission to have an opposing view point and just maybe you allow your difference to be. I am not saying you will change them, but you will at least change the way they see you. They may look at you side ways, but trust me they have taken notice of your level of respect, maturity, and acceptance of difference.

* Some of you may still be pissed about the election, do not allow one moment in time to steal your happy. I have included a song for you at the end of this article. As for the Obama supporters, here is a fist pump and I will also include a song for you. Shalom

Tell me what you think? I'm literally all ears!

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    • brittvan22 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      @Ms. Dora, technical difficulties I will load it asap, it shows my humorous side, ;).

      @shiningirisheyes, thanks so much for your wonderfully kind words, you truly have a heart of gold, must be the luck of the irish.

      Kforce, thanks you for wisdom, you are definitely my type of person and I will definitely check out your hub, thank you.

      @Catonasoapbox, thank you for your thoughts, I try to bear in mind that people respect and tolerate my view (no matter how far fetched they may seem, lol.) I feel we all have the right to be respectfully heard. Thanks, Maria is a character if I hubbed on the things she says I would have 10 hubs a day, lol.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      6 years ago from The Caribbean

      I share your disappointment "at the lack of tolerance and respect for difference." Is the song missing? So sorry about your mom, but glad that you have some good memories about the encouragement she gave you.

    • shiningirisheyes profile image

      Shining Irish Eyes 

      6 years ago from Upstate, New York

      Wonderful maturity beyond your years my friend. I have followed your amazing and strong path. You have overcome such hardships and I send my sincerest of sympathies to you and your loved ones on the passing of your Dear Mother. How truly proud she must be of you.

      Voting up.

    • kj force profile image


      6 years ago from Florida wrote and expressed your convictions...regardless of the outcome, we as a nation need to come together and move man does not make a nation, we as a people are a nation and need to stand undivided as there is strength in numbers and knowledge is power..those should be our words

      I commend you for your " chutzpah " on this issue...sorry for your loss...I just did an article on my it was the Anniversary of their passing..hope you will check it out..

    • cat on a soapbox profile image

      Catherine Tally 

      6 years ago from Los Angeles

      Hi Brittany, I really enjoyed your thoughts here and appreciate your views on tolerance and acceptance. Your mom sounds like she was a very wise and loving woman having offered you encouragement to take on the world w/ confidence. It'd hard to lose your best friend and pillar of strength. My condolences to you over your loss.

      I am a big believer in free-thinking- God forbid we become a nation of sheep! A sign of wisdom is the ability to stand firm within the boundaries of our own moral compasses while accepting another's right to their views w/o necessarily agreeing with them. So many today have forgotten how. Those who adhere to unpopular views for moral reasons only are said to be hateful and bigoted. Who is really being hateful and bigoted? The one w/ the views or the reactionary? We need to focus on what we have in common as human beings and not on our differences of opinion with re. to socio-political issues. btw: Marla is sure a cutie! Cat:)

    • eHealer profile image


      6 years ago from Las Vegas

      Mother daughter relationships are the most difficult of all. A mother as beautiful as yours is a rare and wonderful experience that you will always have. I am so sorry for your loss, and she has given you free thought and no limitations to your life. Only we can stifle our free thoughts and convention strives to place us in neat little boxes with labels and categories stamped on them. Uniqueness is the best part of being human, and you have the greatest gift of all. Great hub!

    • Niteriter profile image


      6 years ago from Canada

      To the best of my knowledge, I am still a free thinker. I have never charged anyone for my thoughts, not even the nice folks who offered me a penny. If you come across anyone charging for my thinking, let me know. I promise I will take place matter under immediate consideration and will keep it there until, in the fullness of time, the right thing has been done.

      (I offer you my condolences on the loss of your mom.)


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