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Alternative Remedy only at Home

Updated on May 9, 2013
Honey and Garlic
Honey and Garlic | Source
Water and a tsp. of salt
Water and a tsp. of salt | Source
Bowl of water with vinegar and towel
Bowl of water with vinegar and towel | Source
Vaporizer as Steaming Inhaler
Vaporizer as Steaming Inhaler | Source

Remedy is the best alternate and natural way to prevent and cure illnesses. It’s good to know how simple remedy works were we can only find it at home. Here’s the following remedy to common illnesses.

Sore Throat is caused by the inflammation of the pharynx, larynx and tonsils. You will feel your throat sore when you wake up early morning, that’s the first sign of inflammation. The best way to do early morning is.

  • Gargle a lukewarm salt water (1 glass of water, and pour 1 teaspoon of salt and let it dissolved) a natural antiseptic. Gargle it as long as your throat is not comfortable it may take two to three times a day to subside. Remember Gargle only..!
  • Honey and Lemon Juice (a glass of water, one to two table spoon of honey and one lemon juice extract stir and drink) honey is a natural health booster and soothes the sore while lemon is a source of Vitamin C that increases immune system.

Common Cold a mild viral infection, sometimes associated with Cough causes irritation and ineffective airway breathing.

Remedy to common cold and Cough is similar to sore throat using a lime or (lemon juice) and honey.

  • Raw garlic and honey Just fill a medium size jar with raw minced garlic pour honey and mix then close the lid tightly. Let it stand for several days so that the flavour of garlic and honey set or combine. Use table spoon to help reduce the pain in your throat. (Take note honey is not suggested for infant.)
  • Vicks vaporub a topical ointment cream that can be used externally in throat, chest and back during night time this relives your difficulty of breathing due to cough and it gives you a comfort, soothes and relief.
  • Vicks warm steam vaporizer the vaporizer can be also used as inhalants you can buy a Vicks vaporizer in any store like Walgreen’s. To use this effectively roll a thick piece of paper and hold close to the vaporizer and inhale deeply. Remember do not directly inhale the steam as they are hot.

Fever or hyperthermia is an above normal body temperature associated with several condition.

  • Vinegar and Cold water You will need a basin with cold water in the absence of ice add two tablespoon of vinegar. Use this to soak the towel and firmly press and administer a body compress do this simultaneously and monitor the body temperature using thermometer.

These are few free home remedies. Their use is not meant to replace medication prescription of the physician. Before making use of any home remedies on this site, I recommend that you better consult your doctor when symptoms become persistent.

Please leave your comment. It is highly appriciated. Thank you!

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