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Backpainmiddlsex Holistic therapies

Updated on January 20, 2013

Bowen Therapy / Emmett Therapy

What is Bowen Therapy ?

Bowen therapy is Holistic, which treats the whole body. Bowen Therapy is gentle relaxing, non invasive, body pressure therapy. The results are often dramatic with clients amazed by the improvements in pain levels and recovery time.

Pain problems can be greatly reduced by certain release techniques though soft tissue or fascial therapy. Therapists use gentle rolling type moves at specific points throughout the body, there are pauses after a set of moves are done. These breaks are for the body and brain to communicate, make adjustments, no matter how small, to start the balancing and healing process. Two to three sessions, improvements to ones own natural balanced can be achieved.

Conditions Treated;

Back Pain, Sporting Injuries, Neck Pain, Elbow, Rsi, Carpel Tunnell, Hedaches, Migraine, Jaw, Postural, knee, Pelvic, Sciatica, Foot, Ankle, Hamstring , Pregnancy, Asthma, Sinusitis.

Emmett Therapy?

Emmett Therapy is a unique Body Pressure therapy. this simple but powerful technique can bring immediate relief to the client, even before the session is over. Language skills, light pressure in a certain sequences can release the pain and increase movement before the clients eyes. works well with all other hands on therapies.


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