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Bad Breath, How to Prevent Bad Breath-How to tackle Bad Breath

Updated on March 10, 2015

Bad Breadth

We have been there a couple of times or at least once in our lifetime, that is having bad breadth. Bad breadth is a natural process of life and can occur immediately after waking up in the morning or late at night.

While we sleep saliva gathers in our mouth which is a rich source of bacteria. That is why dentists recommend brushing your teeth early in the morning and just before we sleep for brighter teeth and fresher breadth.

By taking good care of our mouth and teeth through brushing, flossing and the use of mouthwash we are able to kill harmful bacteria avoid germs and enjoy the benefits associated with hygiene.

When we eat food our mouth goes through the process of chewing, biting, grinding and softening. But certain hygiene related conditions could degenerate into offensive mouth odor.

The stomach uses gastric juices to digest the meal even further before the meal is broken down into useful nutrients.The mouth works hard and is prone to unclean cavities, injury, stress, gum disease, discomfort, teeth decay and mouth sores .

Bad breath could occur largely because of certain conditions.Iit could be embarrassing and totally humiliating when the offensive odor is perceived by others especial in public places.

Imagine having bad breadth in public places like inside a commuter trains, bus, an office, a supermarket or a large gathering. Tackling this problem requires knowing exactly what conditions contribute to bad breath, why the odor is so pronounced and what led to the smell in the first instance.

Mouth Odor

mouth odor
mouth odor | Source

The causes of bad breadth

Bad breath

Halitosis is a condition of the mouth whereby the breath that emanates from the mouth has an unpleasant smell.The condition might arise because of several reasons but the three major factors that can contribute to this condition are having very poor oral hygiene.

Which includes certain food or meals we eat and an underlining health related factor. The first two conditions can be readily tackled but the third might need the opinion of a dietitian or medical practitioner, who would diagnose and pinpoint the exact health problem.

Why the unpleasant smell

For the odor to become so prominent their must be a reason the mouth smells so bad,The mouth has teeth and constant usage would surely depreciate the strength of the enamels cause wear and tear.

This can lead to tooth ache, sore and gum trouble. The mouth also have sulfur producing bacteria that can be found on the tongues surface, because of the sore or gum disease the bacteria rich tongue could bring out offensive odor.

Other reasons for the accumulation of large quantities of bacteria in the mouth are plaque brought about by poor hygiene and decomposing food.

Causes of accumulated bacteria in mouth

The reason bad breath is so nasty is the effect of large quantity of bacteria in the mouth.The causes of accumulated bacteria in the mouth are food related. the type of food you eat and gum disease can cause mouth odor when the sulfur in the bacteria reacts to the sore.

Plaque on the teeth can causes more production of bacteria to tackle the condition, poor oral hygiene by not brushing your mouth regularly. By not regularly brushing the mouth and tongue, the tongue starts getting white with the accumulated deposited resting on the surface.

Dental care

How often do you visit a dentist

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Bactria and odor

Bacteria and mouth odor

Mouth odor can occur because of health related issues or poor hygiene, other remote causes might be infected gum and rare genetic pointers. The human mouth is a festering cesspool of bacteria having an incredible variety of the microbes numbering over seven hundred, it is quite alarming sulfur producing bacteria are in the majority and is the main culprit of bad breadth.

To prevent halitosis fluoride toothpaste, flossing and occasional mouthwash therapy works wonders.

Open Mouth with Spray

open moth with mouth spray
open moth with mouth spray | Source

Some major causes of bad breadth

Causes of bad breath

The causes of bad breath are listed bellow

1 plaque

2 poor dental hygiene

3 gum disease

4 types of food consumed

5 unhealthy life style

6 internal disease like liver, lung disease

7 injury

8 unclean dentures

Poor oral hygiene

Poor oral hygiene is one of the conditions that contribute to bad breath, taking proper care of your mouth is important for several reasons, health wise it removes harmful agents in your mouth and other conditions that could lead to tooth decay.

Brushing regularly in the morning and after each meal is an effective way to tackle unwanted mouth related problems when you brush don’t neglect the tongue. Many people don’t brush their tongues and only concentrate on the inner crevasses of the mouth and the teeth, but the tongue contains bacteria and saliva which could become concentrated if not attended too.

If you eat fruits that have acidic content like grapes, lemon and oranges wait twenty minuets before brushing your teeth so as not to increase the degeneration of the teeth, brushing your teeth twice daily is also quite effective. Food particle tend to hide with teeth cavities and with time decay, proper oral hygiene through regular brushing takes care of this problem

Calcium is necessary for good bones and teeth which can be readily obtained from fluoride toothpastes, some protein rich nuts that have loads of calcium can also be beneficial. Such nuts include sesame seed, South American nuts, almond nuts they are not only rich in calcium but have phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, potassium and calcium.

Good oral hygiene

cleaning agents
cleaning items
dental care
tooth paste
dental floss
brush tongue
tooth brush
clean professionaly
mouth wash
tongue scrapper
visit dentist

Bad Breadth Remedies: How to Get Rid Of chronic Bad Breadth

Food and bad breadth

The type of food we consume plays an integral part of our total body function, the food we eat have different level of decomposition, composition and nutrients. Protein rich foods like beans, meat, fish takes a lot of effort to digest and to be break down to their nutritional value.

If the protein rich food source stays hidden in the mouth then the decomposition of such protein rich food by the bacteria present in saliva results in offensive odor and bad breath, other remote and immediate causes of bad breath happens when you eat strong roots like onion and garlic.

Although onions can contribute to bad breath it also has good qualities, consuming raw onion can influence the production of anti microbial compounds that can kill a few strains of bacteria that are responsible for cavities in the mouth.

Gingivitis is when the gum gets inflamed and swollen lentinan found in certain species of mushroom especially shitake contains lots of lentinan; they attack certain bacteria that form cavity in the mouth.We have established that acid rich fruits and meals can damage your teeth, other fruits and vegetables that have low threshold of acidity stimulates and aids the person fight bad breadth.

A pair of toothbrushes

A pair of toothbrushes
A pair of toothbrushes

Injury and Unhealthy lifestyle

Injury can cause bad breadth

The mouth goes through a lot of damage because it carries out a very important function which is to chew our food before the meal travels down to the stomach. Making the teeth and gums highly vulnerable to rupture, wounds and injury, this can be brought on by accidents, could be a broken tooth, boils can suddenly appear, even blisters is a possibility.

You can even get burns if you mistaking eat hot food or drink hot tea, there are a mired of reasons why injury may occur. Without proper treatment the injury can become a festering wound and produce foul smell.

Unhealthy lie style

Life style choices can adversely affect our general well-being and health, one of the highly destructive drugs is smoking cigarettes, the habit apart from being very dangerous to our health can seriously cause offensive mouth odor.

Although cigarette smoking is not illegal the habit has zero health benefits and can easily cause early death. Sometimes things we eat and drink can contribute to having terrible mouth odor, like smoking, drinking large quantities of alcohol, eating raw garlic, onions and other food groups.

The habit of smoking can lead to addiction, cancer, abrasions in the stomach, lung infection, kidney failure and other related ailment like chronic cough. Smoking stains the teeth making it crooked, black and brittle as well as giving the smoker bad breath, the smoke has the tendency to adhere to cloths, skin and mouth.


Alcohol contributes to bad breadth, by encouraging the body to produce more sulphur rich saliva which reacts to decomposing food to produce bad odor, offensive odor can emanate from the nasal cavity, throat, lungs, stomach, unclean dentures and mouth.

Mouth wash in glass cup

Mouth wash in glass cup
Mouth wash in glass cup | Source

Types of bad breadth

There are three categories of bad breadth; the first may be temporary, persistent bad breath or chronic bad breath, the last two can be difficult to treat but not impossible while the first condition can easily be eradicated.

The bad breadth can be temporary especially after some particular type of meal and would gradually disappear after a while, drinking alcohol fades with time especially if the drug was not heavily indulged in.

Brushing your teeth when an offensive odor is noticed can get rid of the smell, drinking lots of water is another method, flossing works, by simply gurgling and rinsing the mouth the odor might go and the use of powerful mouth wash is a very effective method.

Using a tongue scrapper especially when applied to not easily reached areas of the tongue, rinsing the mouth with a little salt water solution could help. If the source of the bad smell comes from broken or decaying teeth the dentist has no choice but the remove the offending teeth.

Apart from regular dental appointments the mouth can be scrapped and cleaned professionally by trained physicians, it is advisable to professionally clean your teeth and mouth at least once a year. Please don’t patronize quacks it could be dangerous and very detrimental to your health.

How to treat bad breadth

There are many ways to treat bad breadth some of which have been listed bellow

1 avoid meals that contain a

2 use fluoride toothpastes

3 eat food rich in calcium

4 dental floss

5 brush twice daily or after each meal

6 use a tongue scraper to reach every angle of your tongue

7 brush your tongue

8 visit dentist at least once a year

9 get your mouth professionally cleaned

10 treat any gum infection promptly

Bad breath and health

The human body is a marvel and in most cases has the ability to repair itself, when there is a serious health related ailment the body warns us in various ways, a persistent headache might be pointers to a particular illness creeping up.

In the same vane bad breath might be an indication of very sever health related problems, it might be an indication of abdominal problems, throat, nasal cavity issues, lungs, liver and even kidney disease. Don’t be alarmed before you start running off to the doctors, remember that most common causes of mouth odor- that is eighty five (85%) percent of the time is poor oral hygiene.

Psychological effect of bad breadth

Bad breadth can demoralize the individual, causing sever anxiety, depression, poor social skills and even suicidal tendencies in very extreme cases, the stigma can adversely affect the mind of the said individual. Building the confidence of the individual though a comprehensive medical check up and other self confidence boosting sessions could help the individual overcome the real or imaginary problem.


Having bad breadth might be an unpleasant experience but could also be an indication of health related issue, it might indicate poor oral hygiene or the need to get medical help, having bad breadth is not a disease and can be effectively controlled though proper hygiene.

Bad breadth can be treated by brushing the teeth with fluoride toothpaste, eating food rich in calcium, flossing regularly and brushing your tongue. Regular checks up by a dentist and prompt treatment of tooth aches and gum infection is always good, also getting your mouth professionally cleaned at least once a year is another.

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