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Bad Pre Workout Supplement Ingredients To Avoid

Updated on August 31, 2013

Sports Supplements Are Under Regulated

Before we begin, its important for you to know that I love bodybuilding and have taken many supplements. In fact, I will continue to take sports supplements until the day I die. However, from time in the gym, and working at GNC; I learned to always be cautious. After all, how many supplements at GNC do you think are FDA approved? well, 99.9% of them are not FDA approved. There are simply too many products to test, and nutraceutical corporations count on that.

Pre Workout Ingredients That Affect Certain People

There are a great number of products that mess up particular groups of people, for genetic reasons. I see it all the time, and it can really freak guys out. So, here is your checklist to go by for potential negative interactions with your body. Additionally, I would recommend not taking a full dose of any supplement containing these ingredients until you confirm whether or not you react well.

  • Yohimbe- sweating everywhere, elevated heart rate, panic.
  • Geranium- similar to Yohimbe with the addition of erectile problems.
  • Synephrine- too strong of a stimulant for some.
  • Creatine- very popular, but for a very select few people, can cause headaches and cramps.
  • caffeine- nearly all pre workouts are caffeine LOADED. Be cautious if you are sensitive.

Ingredients Just Plain Bad For Your Health

There are a few popular pre workout ingredients that are just plain bad for you. Just like in the grocery store, in the workout industry- quantity and price ranks over ethics and quality. With that being said, shortcuts are made for sweeteners, preservatives, and active ingredients. Avoid products containing these commonly used ingredients.

  • Aspartame- Damages the brain, can cause lazy eye.
  • Artificial dyes- No good period.
  • DMAA- synthetic stimulant, overstimulates the nervous system
  • More to be discovered...

Don't Stop Supplementing, Supplement Smarter

Don't let this information get you down. There is still an abundance of quality products you can take to improve your performance and results! Get the body you want, and live a long and joyful life with it!

Have you had any bad reactions to pre workout supplements?

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      Nohemi Floyd 4 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Thank you for this article!!!