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Baked Turkey, Red Wine and Champagne to Welcome the New Year 2016

Updated on December 31, 2015
The turkey, almost gone, and the red wine
The turkey, almost gone, and the red wine

In the Philippines turkey is not a common food to celebrate any occasion. If the budget is big to afford a memorable occasion such as a graduation of an eldest child in the family and a birthday or a christening of a first born, lechon or the Filipino delicacy of roast pig is the choice.

This New Year 2016, I was not prepared for the surprise that awaits me when I arrived in my son’s house at 6:30 on December 31, 2016.

My son has a very good reason to be thankful for this year, the highlight of his joy and for me and for the whole family is the birth of Baby Russ last September 9, 2016. Ever since Russ was born, my son sees to it that his birth is celebrated monthly, even with just a cake every month. What makes this baby so special in my family is that he is not only a gorgeous baby but also he is the closest resemblance in all his physical aspects to my son when my son was born.

Baby Russ is my son’s fourth child, the first in his second marriage. His first three children with his first wife were small at birth weighing 6 lbs. each whereas baby Russ was voluptuous at 8.5 lbs. My son was a big baby at birth weighing 12 lbs.

The turkey symbolizes thanks-giving and the wines, celebration of a precious new life.

It was my first time to taste a turkey. As far as I am concerned the turkey is very expensive at P1, 600 and the red wine also was P1, 600 while the champagne was P3, 000. Last Christmas my landlord gave me a bottle of red wine which costs only P300 and I thought it was expensive.

My son is always a surprise to me ever since he was born; this is the first New Year that I celebrate with him in his own house. I have lots to be thankful too for this year, first my son had moved in to his newly-bought house in a prestigious subdivision Camella Homes just 20 minutes’ drive away from my home in San Fernando City. He used to live in Manila and was beyond my reach being too far and too expensive for me to commute, and most important is the birth of baby Russ, my sixth and most wonderful grandchild.

The food, the wines and my precious son and his family around me at New Year’s Eve, what more can I ask? Life is so wonderful!


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