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Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Instructions

Updated on May 19, 2011

The Balance Ball Chair is an item that is exclusive from This chair was ergonomically designed by a chiropractor and allows you to get a little exercise in while you sit at your desk. The chair is intended to replace your regular desk chair. The balance ball is also removable, which means that you can incorporate it into your regular home workout routine as well. When you purchase one of these chairs, it comes with a DVD, a resistance cord and a toning band.

Sit on the balance ball chair so that you are sitting straight up to promote good posture and strengthen your core muscles. Sitting like this will also help to improve your balance. You can use a balance ball chair at your desk at home or work. In fact, you should replace your current desk chair with a balance ball chair, which is better for your spine and pelvis. Sitting on a balance ball chair at your desk will help to promote better alignment of your spine and give you better looking abs due to strengthening your core muscles just while you sit.

Use The Balance Ball Chair For Stress Relief

Place the resistance cord under the balance ball chair's two front legs so that you have a handle in each hand. You can work out with the resistance cord by sitting up straight on the balance ball, with your arms bent with your elbows at your side, and raise your arms up and down to work out your arm muscles. You can also lift your arms above your head for a different workout.

Hook the toning band around one of the front legs of the chair and put the other end around the closest leg. You can do leg lifts this way to strengthen the muscles in your legs while you sit. All you have to do is lift your leg up and down. You can do reps of six or nine leg lifts. Switch to the other leg when you are done with the first one. Do the same number of reps for that leg so that you get an even workout for each leg.

The balance ball chair comes with a DVD for you to use with just the balance ball. Remove the ball from the chair base by just lifting it up and do exercises with just the ball, such as ab strengthening, by following the along with the included DVD. The exercises on the DVD are just standard balance ball exercises, which you may already be familiar with.


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