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Physician Scales Used By Doctors - Balance Beam Medical Scales

Updated on September 21, 2011

If you are looking for the kind of weighing scale seen in a doctors medical office then you are in the right place. These physician scales are commonly known as medical balance beam scales, physician or doctors scales, or upright scales amongst other things. They are used in doctor's offices around the world and prized for their accuracy and durability.

Digital bathroom weighing machines can suffer from poor accuracy and can give a different reading each time you jump on, especially if you have an uneven floor, which can be frustrating and lead to mistrust of their usefulness. That's why many turn to physician scales for sale for home use as well as for medical office purposes - they are far more reliable.

Some major manufacturers of balance beam scales are Detecto, Health O Meter and Seca. Top rated products from these companies can be found on this page and are available for delivery direct to your home or place of business.

Mechanical beam scales are used in medical offices, doctor's clinics, commercial gyms and health clubs, and are bought by many private individuals for use in their own homes and offices.

There are both mechanical and digital beam scales to choose between. The traditional weighing machine is a manual balance beam weight machine but more modern digital physician scales are also available.

A physician's balance beam scale with height rod attachment built in is also available from most manufacturers.

Look for a long warrantee when you buy a mechanical physician weight machine, the best will have 10 years or longer. These are typically heavy duty, long lasting weighing machines and should have a warrantee which backs this up.

Before you buy make sure to check out the maximum weight capacity of the product you are looking at. Many of these types of weighing machines have high weight capacity of 500lbs or higher, some over 650lbs maximum weight. If you feel you may need a higher capacity then be sure to choose a product which fits your needs.

The nice thing about doctor's scales like these is you have the choice between waist level and eye level weight readings rather than having to look down between your feet....assuming you can see them! Most of us find ourselves twist and bending awkwardly to see the weight reading but with a physician's scale with waist high or eye level readouts, this is no longer a problem.

Detecto Medical Scales

Detecto physician scales are the only doctor's scales made in the USA.

Seca Physician Scales


How To Read A Balance Beam Scale Accurately

To use a typical floor bathroom scale you jump straight on, weight a few seconds for the dial to settle down or the the digital display to update and your weight is right there for you to read. A physicians scale is a little different because you have to actually make some adjustments yourself to get an accurate reading but they are no less easy to use.

The basic steps for weighing yourself with a physician weighing machine are:

1. Remove unecessary clothing like a coat, shoes, handbags etc.

2. Stand still and centered on the plate. Leaning or moving around will lead to inaccuracies.

3. Estimate your weight and move the lower block until it is approimately balanced, then move it back a notch.

4. Now move the more accurate upper block until the beam is in balance. You may have to nudge back and forth to get the most accurate weight measurement.

How to use various scales

How To Calibrate A Balance Beam Scale

Before you use a mechanical balance beam weight machine you should make sure it is calibrated correctly. You will not have to do this every time but if you notice the beam is out of whack, then it will be necessary to fix it. Whilst manufacturers make their machines in different ways, you typically calibrate a physician's scale weighing machine by turning what looks like a screw head on the side of the balance beam using a screwdriver or coin until it is back in synch.


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