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Balance your Yin and Yang for unlimited Energy

Updated on December 13, 2015

how to Balance

I’d like to share a practice that can really benefit anyone with the desire and drive for wellness.

Reading this I can already vouch for your drive, what keeps a driver moving? I think it is the constant seeking of the next lesson, the next assignment, I’m glad this may be your pit-stop, as this certainly improves my life. Once I realised how much better this makes me feel I decided to make it part of my every days. So simple and elegant, the beauty of this ancient practise is how fast you can feel the benefits. For us western minded, fast is good. Healthy is even better.

So this is called Qi Yong. It is an Eastern health practise along the lines of Tao Chi. It will help balance your yin and yang energy, which is great for creativity, patience, vibrancy, everything heart mind soul and spirit- you name it. This will bring you positive radiant electric energy... Reverse-aging some might call this. Sound appealing? Then start your Qi Gong journey today,

Greatest thing is it only will take you 5-15 minutes and all you need is yourself.

(following excersise is truly felt when paired with optimal water, and vital nutrition)

Heres how it goes

Stand with feet shoulder width

  • Place palms facing each other like you are holding a grapefruit,
  • in front of solar plexus (belly button)
  • Just a little space between palms, should be able to feel heat (energy)
  • Move hands back and forth in circular motion (like twisting a lid off peanut butter jar)

Inhale and exhale naturally, try to focus on the energy in hands

Now you will take left hand above your head, right hand goes down outside left foot (near ankle) eyes stay fixed on the hand going down. (open or keep closed)

inhale naturally for a moment then take a big inhale thru nose. As you take this final inhale, stretch your left hand up as high as it goes and your right hand down as low it will go. Hold this position and hold your breath for a 15 count. Expand your fingers

Then exhale and return to center, resume the small circle hands in cup formation. It is important to breathe naturally slowly and focused as you rotate your palms back n forth. Do this for a short while,

repeat this now for right hand, doing the opposite of above.

Alternate from left-up to do right-up

Repeat up to 5 times, slow down try not to rush and feel the energy

Like This Guy

This is fast acting mean after completion you will feel energy burst. As you do this more and improve you will generate more energy flow.

After you complete a session it is important to finish with a short meditation to balance and let the energy settle. Think of it as stretching after running.

Use your own energy flow to your advantage!!!!

This has reported to provide the follow benefits, good luck and enjoy!

-relieve constipation, stimulate small and large intestines

-relievs arthritis in hands- arms- shoulders

-strengthens blood supply to internal organs

-helps replenish energy levels, great for quick boost

-lowers high blood pressure

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      Jan 23 months ago

      thanks, nice text and good tweets, appreciated.

      Jan Coucke Antwerp BE