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Balding Remedies: Everything You Need To Know About Rogaine Hair Loss Solution

Updated on June 10, 2010

Rogaine is pretty much synonymous with baldness remedies. This is, in part, due to the fact that these guys spend a ton of money promoting their products. It's effectiveness also plays a big role in Rogaine's popularity though. In a market that's filled with crappy products with ludicrous promises, Rogaine is a breath of fresh air. Whether you're looking to cover up bald spots or just add a bit of thickness to the hair you have, this cream based product is what you need. In this article, we'll cover pretty much everything you need to know about this product.

What Rogaine Doesn't Do

The Good Kind Of Bald!
The Good Kind Of Bald!

Rogaine isn't a "one step" solution for balding men everywhere. You see, every guy's hair loss situation is a little bit different. Some guys are happy with what they have but don't want to lose more. If this is you, DON'T BOTHER WITH ROGAINE. This product is just a growth stimulant. It does nothing to prevent hair loss. If you're simply looking to stop your hair from falling out, you should look into a product called Propecia. It's a DHT Inhibitor, usually found in pill form, that does a wonderful job of keeping your hair in place.

Rogaine also does nothing to stop inflammation. Guys going through hair loss often experience itching and redness. This irritation can sometimes get worse when hair loss products are used. Do yourself a favor and use an anti-dandruff shampoo like Nizoral every once in a while. Your scalp will thank you.

What Rogaine DOES Do

As we mentioned above, Rogaine is what's known in the hair loss industry as a "growth stimulant".  The science around how exactly this stuff works is pretty vague but know that it does indeed work.  Most tests and surveys show that something like 85% of men that use Rogaine see more hair on their scalp by the sixth month.

This is important to note.  Rogaine, like most products of this nature, doesn't produce results overnight.  In fact, most men actually notice their hair THINNING after treatment is started.  This is normal.  The follicles which house the hairs on your head are putting their defenses up due to a new substance in their environment.  They'll get used to it though.  And eventually they'll happily sprout new hairs all over your scalp.

Types Of Rogaine

Liquid Rogaine

Liquid is the original form of Rogaine.  To be honest, not a lot of people use this anymore.  This is basically due to the fact that it causes irritation in most men.  A small percentage of guys out there prefer it because it's unscented.  I suppose these guys have tough scalps that don't react to the solution.  It's available in both 2% and 5% minoxidil versions.  The 2% is widely recognized as useless so try the 5% if you're inclined. 

This product comes in two different packs - one month and three month.  With the liquid version of Rogaine, I recommend buying the one month version first.  This is simply because SO many people's scalps are irritated by this product.  If you find you like it, buck up for the three month version.

Foam Rogaine

This is the more popular version of Rogaine.  It's easier to apply than it's liquid counterpart and offers the user an itch free experience.  It, too, is available in one and three month packs.  The one month pack goes for about $25 and the three for around $55

The Verdict

Rogaine is the only proven growth stimulant on the market. Period. Using it in conjunction with a DHT inhibitor like Propecia and an anti inflammatory of some kind is a sure fire way to keep the hair you have while bringing new life to those bald spots.

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