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Ballerina Tea for Weight Loss

Updated on September 13, 2011

What is Ballerina Tea?

Are you interested in losing weight and detoxifying in a safe and natural way? Then you might want to consider trying Ballerina Tea.

Ballerina tea, also known as "3 Ballerina Tea", is a natural herbal green tea based on ancient Chinese medicine and is a cleansing product that assists and speeds up weight loss. It is also rumored that the tea is a Ballerina's secret to maintaining a thin figure - Hence the name "Ballerina Tea".

Active Ingredients

This herbal green tea originates from a recipe that was written in a Chinese medicine book by Lee Sze-Zhen, a 16th century Chinese herbalist.

The main active ingredients in Ballerina Tea are Chinese Mallow and Senna. Chinese Mallow has been growing in China for over 2500 years and its leaves are used in teas to calm the digestive system, soothe sore throats and bronchial membranes. Senna is natural stimulant and laxative, which helps aid in weight loss. Lee combined Senna with Chinese Mallow to produce a tea that cleansed the intestines and urinary tract.

Common Uses - Ballerina Tea

Detox, which simply means removing the posins from your system. Your liver and kidneys do this naturally, but according to you are eating an unhealthy diet filled with additives, preservatives and environmental poisons, your body spends so much time dealing with new toxins that it can't keep up. A body full of poisons doesn't have the extra energy needed to burn fat, which means that you can't lose weight.

Weight Loss:
Ballerina Tea is also used by many to shed a few pounds. Its natural ingredients detoxify the body, and because of the tea's resulting fast colon-cleansing action, more calories are often burned than consumed. The weight lost by drinking this tea is mostly water weight.


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