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Ballerina pose used to get rid of hiccups

Updated on November 13, 2016

Today I had the hiccups and remembered a co-worker from last year. This guy, who I have not seen in a year, told me how to get rid of hiccups. He is from the Ukraine and he told me how its done in his country. The method was something very new to me and it sounded a bit crazy, which was perfect.

He told me that in Ukraine there is a way to get rid of hiccups that usually works. He also added that it was very ridiculous, but to try it when I do come across the hiccups.

Anyway, Ukrainians, to get rid of hiccups, pose like a ballerina while drinking a glass of water.

Yes, one must stand on one foot, arch the back, put one arm in the air ever-so-elegantly, and drink a glass of water.

Oh yeah, the other leg must be extended and arched, as if trying to touch your heel to the back of your head.

That was the pose he demonstrated to us at work at least! His ballerina pose needed some work, but it was probably better than what I can do!

I thought I’d share this knowledge. I won't tell you if it worked or not! You must try it on your own whenever you get the hiccups.


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