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Banana Nutrition - Banana Benefits And Uses

Updated on January 1, 2013


Banana is an extremely nutritious and beneficial fruit which is available throughout the year easily. The use of banana provides a natural yet effective solution for many diseases. Banana is second to none in providing natural beauty to the human skin. It is used to improve and increase the fluency and efficiency of the digestive system. It strengthens the stomach. It conserves various minerals in our body such as; Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium and Nitrogen. The natural sweet present in a banana helps in maintaining adequate health and also aids in digestion and assimilation of the food we eat (assimilation is the process in which consumed food is absorbed in our blood).

If a banana is compared against an apple, it is reflected that a banana contains 4 times higher protein content, it contains 2 times higher carbohydrate content, 3 times higher Phosphorus content, 5 times higher Vitamin A and Iron, also 2 times higher content of all the vitamins and minerals present in an apple. Therefore, the famous saying about the apple can be altered to say “A banana a day keeps the doctor away”.



The mixture of a ripe banana and yoghurt is a brilliant remedy for diarrhea. Diarrhea is pretty common among young children and infants, for this the banana should be blended into a paste form and a pinch of common salt should be added to it. This proves to be an efficient solution for this problem.


Banana is used as an excellent and natural, skin cleanser. The face mask prepared from a banana keeps the skin clean and soft, it is the best skin tonic. Take half a banana and make it into paste form, then add one tablespoon of dry milk and a few drops of the essence of the rose flower, and apply this to your face, neck and arms. Wash it off after half an hour. This helps in moisturizing the skin making it radiant and freshened.

To gain a natural glow for your skin, there is a very good method for which, take half a banana and make it into paste form, add egg white of one egg to it and one tablespoon yoghurt. Mix the ingredients thoroughly, apply this mask to your face and wash it off after 15 minutes. This provides a natural glow to your skin, similar to a glow received after a professional saloon facial.


Apart from being extremely rich in minerals and vitamins, banana has very high energy content. It can be judged from the fact that by eating only 2 bananas you receive enough energy for an hour’s walk-out with ease. It is desirable to eat banana in the time of the day when you are feeling tired and exhausted.


Potassium, which is present in a fairly generous amount in a banana, is a vital mineral which plays quite critical tasks in our body. Potassium maintains normal heartbeat, carries oxygen to the brain and also maintains the osmotic balance in our body. When we experience tension, our Potassium level falls below normal as our metabolic rate increases. The banana which is rich in potassium, if eaten at that time, replaces the used up Potassium hence bringing back our Potassium level to normal which starts to normalize our tension.

Banana keeps us calm as it contains Vitamin B which relaxes the entire nervous system. The use of banana to calm our nerves is an excellent solution to anxiety. This has a positive effect on the person’s mood as he becomes cheery and happy. Banana is also used to cope up with the problems that arise in the human body due to weather changes. A protein, named “Tryptophan” is found in a banana which naturally alters the mood of the person to cheer him up and makes him feel relaxed.


Using banana aids a person to quit smoking. Vitamins B6 and B12, which are found in a banana, help reduce the effect of nicotine which is present in a cigarette. Though the actual process is that, these vitamins reduce the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine so that the person can quit smoking more easily because nicotine is addictive.


Due to a high content of Potassium along with a low content of salt, banana does not affect the blood pressure negatively. Actually it is considered to control and contain the blood pressure.


Iron, which is present in a vast amount in a banana, constitutes in the formation of the haemoglobin which is present in the red blood cells to carry oxygen. Eating banana provides this essential element for the formation of haemoglobin.


Fiber, although does not provide energy to us but it included in the balanced diet because due to its indigestive quality it keeps our digestive system in a fit and running condition. Fiber is excreted out undigested in faeces. Banana contains “pectin” and a dissolving fiber “hydro colloid” which keeps the fibers of the digestive system clean. This also helps in ridding a person from chronic constipation.


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