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How I Experimented With Bananas to Remove My Hand Warts

Updated on February 7, 2018
Nathaniel Pierre profile image

Nathaniel grew up in a family that practiced homeopathic remedies. He became close friends with nurses who shared facts on fruit and health.

Before digging in, let us take a brief moment to discuss what a common wart is.

Common warts are harmless tumors that grows in the top layer of the skin. These benign tumors are non-cancerous, but may be contagious. There are different types of warts which includes common warts, flat warts, plantar warts, periungual warts, filiform warts, and genital warts.

Plantar Wart


These are the causes of warts.

To put it shortly, warts are caused by HPV. Though common, not all forms of HPV are sexually transmitted. Biting nails may cause a risk of developing warts. Bathing in public showers may also cause warts. My first finger wart was developed from me biting my nails. Though there are genital warts, I will only focus on hand warts that are not caused by sexually transmitted diseases. Always keep a clean hygiene and be careful of filthy environments. Some warts may be spread from person to person, especially when shaking hands.

Fortunately, Mother Nature has many to warts......

One of Mother Nature's many answers to warts, this whole time

Photo by Lotte Löhr on Unsplash
Photo by Lotte Löhr on Unsplash

I always knew that bananas were more than a fruit.

Ever since I was a child, I had wart issues. My mom used to buy wart removal solutions that smelled like nail polish. Sometimes the warts were painful. One huge wart grew from beneath my fingernail since my kindergarten years, and it wasn't until middle school when I bore the pain and dug into the root to rip it clean off my fingertip. I even used duct tape to weaken the wart, but in the end, this didn't solve my problems.

Growing up, I had an embarrassing wart on my right hand, located on the right side of my index finger. It grew to a medium sized wart and constantly brushed up against my middle finger. I would always try to hide it when shaking hands so that people couldn't feel it. As a musician, it interfered with me playing instruments. The person I was dating at the time was understanding, but we entered an argument about bananas when I told her that bananas are very beneficial for homeopathic treatments. From that day, I had it in my mind to use banana peel to try to remedy my warts. It wasn't until a year or so ago when I finally took the time to apply what I know about yellow and white foods to turn it into a healthy homemade remedy.

To the readers who suffer or suffered from hand warts, these are the steps which worked for me. My hands are still clear, though I still rub banana peel on my hand as a routine. I will list my instructions in a narrating style to express what I did.

These are the nutrients found in bananas that help with skin care.

Benefits for Skin
Fights acne causing germs.
Destroy bacteria that cause acne and pimples.
Amino Acid
Nourishes skin. Strengthens connective tissue and helps maintain skin elasticity and strength.
The chart above shows some examples of nutrients found in bananas along with the benefits for skin. To view the completed table, please visit for more information.


  1. Clean the affected area/areas.
  2. Then, rub the inside of one banana peel on across the wart until covered by the pasting from the peel.
  3. Repeat the rubbing process for a few more minutes (sometimes 10-20 minutes).
  4. When the pasting one peel has worn out, change to a different peel.
  5. Leave the pasting on the wart site for a while, then wash and rinsed hands with clean water.
  6. Within 2 to 3 days, repeat routine and inspect for results.
  7. The area surrounding the wart will begin to peel and decay until the wart either dissolves or falls off.

This is my hand, wart free for 2 years since the experimentation.

Why buy different vitamin supplements when there are bananas, the all-in-one?

You may be asking yourself why would you use bananas if there are other options such as ointments and apple cider.

Bananas are fruit you can both consume and use for your body. Take coconut oil, for instance. Coconut oil is used as a healthy substitute for butter. Used it to fry pancakes, bake potatoes, use it as grease, and so much more. It's so resourceful that you can even apply it to your skin and hair as lotion and other hygenic purposes. Bananas are similar in that regard. Once you eat the fruit you can use the peel as cream to remove the wart, you can even eat the peel. Supplements and creams may work, but bananas are cheaper. Not only are bananas cheaper, but this edible natural supplement has so many other purposes. This fruit is highly recommended for athletes to eat before an intense day of track and field, or other extreme sports. Why buy different vitamin supplements when there are bananas, the all-in-one?

These are my last instructions.

I encourage every reader to learn more about warts and how to treat it. Furthermore, share what you have learned with other people so that they may educate others. I was not a fan of bananas until a wise coach educated my team on the benefits and nutrients of the fruit. Some people are still not fans of bananas, but I know many people who aren't fans of warts. The power of knowledge grants us all the ability to defeat the stigma surrounding have warts. Educate your children, educate your friends who are coping with the shame and the embarrassment that comes from having warts. Tell them that the solutions to their problem surrounds them each and every time they're in the produce section of that store they usually shop at. Bananas are inexpensive, healthy, resourceful, and edible. Sharing what you have learned from this article may save people from depression, anxiety, and many other issues that come from feeling stigmatized for having warts. Thank you for reading.

© 2017 Nathaniel Brown


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