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Banishing the Holiday Blues

Updated on December 9, 2013

Christmas Tree Decorations


Be Good to Yourself

Remember what you liked about Christmas or the other holidays. You can still celebrate and have a good time. The basis of the whole holiday is religion. You can still have fun while observing Christmas.

There are some things that most people are able to buy for themselves. Just a little time taken to celebrate the holiday can make a big difference. You don't need a lot of money to be able to have a good time on the holidays.

You don't need to drink too much to celebrate. There are many ways that people have a good time.

What would you really like to do on the holidays? Maybe a small thing can have you starting to feel better. Think about what the time meant for you as a kid.

Be Nice to Others

Being kind to others can have a good affect on your life. It does not hurt to be nice. Others can be having a difficult time. A little smile can go a long way. You don't need to go around grinning.

It does not mean that you need to volunteer to do something that will be meaningful. There are people in your everyday life that can benefit from you having a good attitude.

That kind of positive attitude can turn into events that can surprise you. Even if you don't see results right away, it will all make you feel better. You at least know that you did the right thing.

Let Yourself Feel Sad

People that are always feeling as if they are inadequate can have a very hard time. You should not blame yourself for things that have happened. A lot of times it is out of our control. We can't all have everything that we want.

Letting out the idea to yourself that you are not having the best of times can begin to start the healing process. Think about what you will do better the next time. Years from this time everything can be different. Sometimes things seem very important and they really do not matter at all.

The years are an endless cycle. Christmas is here this year and it will be there in another year. It is just going round and round. It is all what you yourself make of it.

Appearances are Deceiving

Everyone else may not be as happy as you think they are. Don't worry about other people and their lives. Think about your own life. Just because it seems like they have everything, they may not really.

Many other people smile and are really miserable inside. It could look like an ideal marriage and tomorrow it will be all over.

Having a large house and expensive cars can seem ideal. Money does not always bring happiness. You may not really want the life that they have.

Think of All the Good Things

Think of all the good things that you have. That is even if it seems like there is nothing that is coming out right. There are some good things that you have. Everyone has something good about them.

Everything may have been great in the past. It is good to remember that. You can build on that and become better. If it was not that great before, you can turn things around. It is up to you what happens in your life.

In the Quiet of Christmas Morning by the Moody Blues

Beating the Blues

One can hardly feel sad with Elvis singing Christmas songs. There are many other Christmas songs. Even if you are not Christian, they can make you happy.

Classical music does it for many people. There is just nothing like listening to a good concert.

Go out and look at Christmas decorations.

Watch old movies that you like. If you don't want to, then don't this time. You will still survive Christmas. Watch "It's a Wonderful Life," if you have not watched it too much before. It was never that popular until they put it on TV.

Decorating a tree can be fantastic. But everyone does not have to have a tree either. If not, why not try something different and use cards or pictures.

Take out your old pictures and look at them if you can't be with your relatives or friends.

Eat and drink well so that you don't deprive yourself. This is not the time to try and do without if you don't need. to. Try an eggnog coffee. Go ahead and get something different.

Eat dark chocolate. It is supposed to be good for your mood. Also it made people feel better in a study so they actually lost weight. It was because it was taking out their stress.

Instead of being miserable because you can't buy a new dress, consider looking at ones on sale or at Goodwill. There are many women that have to stick within a budget. Even rich ones can't have everything that they want.

Nothing beats going home for the holidays. But everyone wants to celebrate in a different way. Just because everyone else goes home, it does not mean that you have to.

Try going on vacation for the holidays. If you do plan it out well.

You need to take the bad times with the good ones.

Go with the flow. - You might end up really liking the idea of Christmas.

You don't have to tell them in the office or at work what you did on the holidays. A vague description is enough.

Take a nice bubble bath.

Next year is another year. At least it only comes once a year.

Make a fun Santa Claus list for what you want. Ask Santa for whatever you want. You might very well get it. Santa finds us all.

Christmas Angel


Feeling Good

Feel the Universe as it breathes into the night. You are at one with the Universe.

If someone invites you out for Christmas it is a good idea to make sure what is going on. That is so that if you go to someone's house you won't be disappointed. Everyone does not celebrate in the same way. Some may have large Christmas parties and dinners and some do not. It may be better just to have a quiet time sometimes. Make sure that you can control your own space.

It is a belief that everyone has their own guardian angel. That means that you have an angel looking out for you too.

When I was a kid I was upset because I did not get an award for coming to church often. The minister's wife gave me a little angel. I felt so much better. Because of someone else's kindness everything looked better. You can do the same to someone else.

Here is an angel picture that is a little similar to the one that I have.

Nativity Scene


Christmas Blues

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If We Make it Through December - Alan Jackson

Santa Bring My Baby Back to Me - Elvis Presley

Someday at Christmas - Stevie Wonder

Christmas Music




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