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Banned from the Affordable Denture office!

Updated on March 22, 2011
4 months old
4 months old | Source

The letter I received!

 I am going to make this blog short and to the point.  I went to Affordable Dentures and had a lower denture made in November 2010. I told the lady dentist at that time that the lower made was crooked, and rocked in my mouth. I was told that it was made that way for my bite.

Four months to the day eating a soft sweet potato the denture cracks in half in my mouth. I am thankful that I did not choke. I never ate hard food, I never dropped my denture, this was not caused by me in any way, shape or form. 

I brought the denture back for the repair, and I was treated very poorly. I was told that the denture is only plastic, I ate something hard and did not know it, I must have dropped my denture, etc. I was in their waiting room at 8:30am to 10:30am, to find out that they had forgotton to tell me to come back at exactly 2pm for this repair pick up.

I came back at 2pm and I am then told that I have to wait and they do not know how long. I had to take my fiance to work, and it was bike week here, the trafffic is horrible, and I even offered to come back the next day to pick the denture up and I was told no. The lady told me that there were other people ahead of me, even when this was the same lady who instructed me to be back exactly at 2pm.

I was called to the outside entry door where the same lady hands me my repaired denture for me to put in my mouth. I placed it in my mouth and left. When I got home and tried to eat, the denture repair was too high. I waited a day to go back , and I had many sores in my mouth.

I went back to the denture office for an adjustment, and I am told that I will pay $ 20.00 for the adjustment, which I paid. I did mention that I did not feel that I should be paying on a repair adjustment, and it fell on deaf ears.

My turn was called and I was asked to sit in a chair by the closet across from the reception inner desk area, and the same lady takes the denture and leaves to adjust it. The same lady did this several times, as each time the denture did not feel right. Finally the lady tells me that the main Denist, who I have never seen said the denture looked fine to him. I replied, and told the lady that I needed the humped area fixed as I have sores. The lady argues with me, leaves and comes back again and gives me the denture. I place the denture in my mouth, still I can not tell if it is better, and when I am asked by this lady I answer I guess.

This is the part that really blows me away, this tech lady looks at me and says see nothing was wrong with that lower denture, I took it several times and I did nothing to it, I am going to give you your $ 20.00 back. She also said that I could have a full refund back if I wanted.

In conclusion, I paid $20.00 for an adjustment, that the tech pretended to do, admits that she did nothing, she never adjusted the denture the entire time and wanted me to leave with the same lower denture that created the painful sores an done  where you could not chew any food at all.  I instructed the tech to adjust my denture properly.

I returned from my trip, and I found a letter waiting from Affordable Denture telling me that I am a bad patient, and I should not return to their office, and I should seek another dentist. I have my warranty for another 8 months against repairs. Lets hope this thing does not break again.

So, because I brought my broken denture back, there work is shody, the tech was  not professional and pretending to do adjustments, that were never done, I should be banned from their office.

My ending comment is shame on you, Affordable Dentures and why should you be able to practice dentistry in the manner that you do!





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