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Barley grass for acid reflux

Updated on April 16, 2016

Barley Grass

Acid reflux is a pain the butt. It changes your life dramatically. You always have to think twice before putting certain foods into your mouth. You have to wonder if the slice of rich chocolate cake is worth the agony. You have to deal with the bloating, the burping, nausea and the fire between your breastbone. It’s a never ending process that at some point you just want a break.

I personally wasn’t comfortable taking Proton Pump inhibitors long term. I had been taking them for about a year, one a day and two when the reflux was really bad. Then something incredible happened that forced me to find an alternative. I was scheduled an appointment to have an endoscopy. Before I could attend this appointment I had to stop taking the medication for ten days. Boy was I terrified! I remembered all the pain I’d been through before taking the medication. I was advised that I could take antacids like Gaviscon and Rennies up until the night before the procedure.

Well the first two days were the worst. Coming off PPI’s you get worse before you get better. I tried taking Gaviscon, but it only made me feel sick and bloated, and it didn’t really help the heartburn. I did some research online to find out how other people coped with reflux.

I tried the apple cider vinegar; this only made the heartburn worse. Next I tried eating pieces of apples at regular intervals. That didn’t work either and I did get fed up of eating apples. I tried coconut water, which I must admit did help for a short while, but I had to keep topping it up. There was only so much coconut water I could take. I also tried aloe Vera juice. This unfortunately made me feel sick. Digestive enzymes and Probiotics three times a day with meals were the next things I tried. This didn’t help much either. During this time and more research I remembered a time when I was quite ill, and my sister recommended Barley Grass. I quickly did some research on that.

About Barley grass

Barley grass is a super food that can be added to your cereal or juice. It’s the most alkaline of plant foods. Chlorophyll has anti inflammatory properties which is great for the digestive system. This was exactly what I was looking for. Not only would it help improve digestive health, barley grass is said to be packed with vitamins. It is also a powerful antioxidant. What more could I ask for.

So I found an online supplier and ordered some barley grass. I must admit it took a while to kick in. The first two days there was no sign of improvement but on the third day I began to get relief and a lot less acid reflux.

Barley grass also acts as a detox so it should be introduced slowly otherwise you could start feeling worse before you feel better. I started with one heaped teaspoon with apple juice thirty minutes before breakfast daily. Now I take it both morning and just before tea time.

By the time I attended my endoscopy appointment the reflux had ceased. This is not to say I’m totally cured as I do have a hiatus hernia, and occasionally the reflux does come back, but I’m able to manage it with diet and Barley grass. The medication is only used when I have really bad days, which I do have occasionally, but I don’t need to take the medication everyday like I had before.

Hopefully this will help someone else to try it out. Never go off your medication without speaking to your doctor. I did speak to a specialist regarding coming off the PPI’s and was advised that when I do get a flare up to take the medication for a week. Everyone is different and should only follow the advice from their doctor first.


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