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Barracks Room Blues

Updated on December 16, 2018


When you first arrive at your new duty station, you will have a ton of in-processing to do before you get a chance to see your new living space. The Reception area is where you will remain, filling out tons of paperwork while you "hurry up and wait" all day. When you finally do meet your humble abode, chances are, it probably won’t look as great as you may have imagined. There will most likely be a bed, lamp, some sort of desk and a media console. Don’t worry, there are a lot of ways to turn your drab space into something fab.

Inexpensive ways to inject some glam in your military life:

  • Ask your chain of command if you can paint your room. Although they may limit your color choices, you will be able to express yourself and have a more unique room. If they don't approve of you painting at all, apply temporary wall decals.
  • Get a pretty comforter, more pillows, or anything else that makes you feel cozy. You can look forward to bedtime even more thanks to your luxe atmosphere. After spending a few nights in the field, who wouldn't want a dreamy bedroom?

  • Replace the light switch plates with fancier ones. If you're the crafty type, buy plain ones at a discount store and customize as you please.
  • Curtains add beauty and sophistication to any space.

  • Use a hamper, instead of your boring, basic-issue laundry bag.
  • Store your things discreetly in decorative boxes on your shelves.
  • Hang a collage photo frame on your wall. It reduces clutter, as well as cheers you up with happy memories.

  • Every woman should have her own tool kit. Its a must!
  • If there's already a lamp in your room, you can give it a makeover by replacing the lampshade
  • A rug will make any room comfy.

  • Get yourself a hand held cordless vac instead of a vacuum cleaner. You can use it to clean your POV too!
  • Get a mini, sturdy and portable container to store all of your important documents and medical records. Everytime you see a medical professional, you should keep a copy of the documents for your own records.
  • Get a slipcover to turn an unsightly chair into an elegant seat.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Try to stick with a theme or with 3 colors when you are decorating.
  • Don’t just buy something because its cheaper, you will regret this later if you don’t even really like it.
  • Make sure you keep and properly store the room’s original light switch-plates, curtains, lampshade, and anything else you temporarily replaced. It will make your life easier if its all in one place when its time for you to move out of the barracks.


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    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 

      20 months ago from Norfolk, England

      There's some good advice there! I agree on the rug, it certainly does help brighten up a room.


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