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The Dangers From Bath Salts, Not Just For The Tub Anymore They Are The New Dangerous Synthetic High

Updated on April 30, 2013
Deadly Bath Salts
Deadly Bath Salts

Munnsville NY. A 35 year old woman on Bath Salts, attacks her child and her dog.

check out this chicks eyes, she is in another world.

Bath Salts Can Be Even More Dangerous Than K2 And Spice.

Bath Salts is another dangerous (Synthetic drug) out on the market, and it is very dangerous. It appears to be even more so when compared to K2 and Spice, which is more weed oriented. Never the less another supposedly legal “designer drug” to attract mostly the young people out there.

The fact that many states such as: Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, NY, have cracked down on “ Bath Salts”, and other synthetic drugs such as K2, Spice, Train Wreak, and Mr. Nice Guy, just to name a few. So for my view on this, “Bath Salts”, had taken a backseat to K2 and Spice. But now they are really finding out how bad “ Bath Salts” really is.. It is now a violation to sell or possess these synthetic drugs. Any store caught selling these drugs can be fined, thrown in jail, and even have their store shut down by the DOH. While this is a good thing. Unfortunately it is still very easy to obtain on the Internet.

There are at least 9 different “Bath Salts” that have been identified.

** White Dove ** Scarface

** Ivory Wave ** White Lightning

** Cloud Nine ** Hurricane Charlie

** Red Dove ** Ocean

** Change +

Facts About The Bath Salts:

This drug is marketed as synthetic, but yet legal Methamphetamine. The main ingredients are Cathione & it’s derivatives. This chemical has no legitimate reason for being in “Bath Salts”. It is made for Insect Repellents and plant food. Bath Salts arrived on the scene in 2010.

When the “Bath Salts” are used illegally, they are generally snorted, or smoked and act as Amphetamines with hallucinogenic properties. The hallucinations can last for several days. Also people who have smoked or ingested this drug, have been reported to be violent, and suicidal , and there have been deaths reported due this “evil” drug.

Symptoms From “Bath Salt” Use:

*** Paranoia ** Severe Aggressiveness

*** Depression ** Thoughts Of Suicide

*** Psychosis ** Vivid Hallucinations

Read this tragic story.

A 21 year old named Dickie Sanders was known as a sweet, and warm young man. He was a BMX bike rider, and he spent many hours practising and perfecting complicated tricks on his bike, and he also helped his dad on the family farm.However on November 12, 2010 Dickie Sanders was found on the floor dead in his bedroom .Dickie shot himself in the head with a .22 caliber rifle.

His suicide occurred after five days of strange behavior that started soon after Dickie snorted some powdery substance that he bought from a friend of his..Dickie expected a brief high,but that did not happen. Dickie would experience days of insomnia, also with waves of frightening delusions, and terrors. there was an incident where Dickie “saw” 25 police cars outside his kitchen window, then at that point he slit his own throat with a butcher knife. The incident put him in the hospital with stitches. And for a couple of hours his hallucinations had subsided. Dickie told his stepmother " I don't like how this is making me feel", while the two of them waited for him to be released from the hospital. He promised he would not do it again. He said he was done.

He had snorted what is called Cloud 9 on the street. And at the time of Dickies death, he was in a drug program for marijuana abuse He attended group meetings and had frequent drug tests. He had been told the drug was legal, and would not show up when he was drug tested.

However that night the paranoia flared up with a vengeance, and as his dad lay in the bed with Dickie, wrapped in his fathers arms, until he fell asleep. It is not clear when he woke up, and he went downstairs to his own bedroom. Dickie used a rifle that he'd won in a contest some years ago.Nobody heard the gunshot. The autopsy would reveal a very powerful stimulant in his system, which is MDPV. It is actually Methylenedioxpyrovalerone. And this is a common ingredient in the bath salts.

.A few other cases to mention involve, a person who broke all of the windows in their house, then walked barefooted through the broken glass. Another person fired guns out of their house at strangers. And another person left her little 2 year old daughter in the middle of a busy highway, and she claimed the daughter "had demons". All I can say is OMG! This drug is so crazy and scary.

If you know somebody that is using these "Bath Salts", or you even suspect they could be. Please get them help right away. It could save their life, or the lives of others. This stuff is major poison! My major fear is kids getting a hold of this stuff. I have 5 grandkids, and I worry that they may stumble upon this evil crap. I also worry about what the next "designer drug" will come out on the market.

Please take a moment to watch some of the videos that I have posted.


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    • lucybell21 profile image

      Bonny OBrien 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y.

      Thank you nurseleah, this one is not well known to the public, but it should be.

    • nurseleah profile image

      Leah Wells-Marshburn 4 years ago from West Virginia

      Another great topic. This subject cannot get enough attention. I hate to see people who would never use a street drug buying into synthetic drugs that are often just as dangerous. Keep up the writing on these excellent topics!