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Bathroom Toilet Odor Masking Spray

Updated on March 3, 2014

I saw the ad when I was surfing the web the other day and I couldn't believe it. At first I thought it was a skit from Saturday Night Live!

According to happy customers on Amazon (hundreds of positive reviews) this product really works in covering up bathroom odors. It is not your normal air freshener. In fact you don't spray it in the air, but actually spray it on the water in the toilet before you go.

The formula is a combination of starches and oils that when sprayed in the toilet forms a protective film that helps to trap the odors and gases. Most people seem to like it because it has a nice, non perfume scent. The original scent is citrus leaning more towards the orange scent.

All you need to do is use four to six sprays although more can be used if you suspect you will need it, especially if you have particularly smelling poo. Just experiment, you will find the right amount to use.

You might think that this product is a joke, but by all reports I think this is going to be a marriage/relationship saver!

Girls Don't Poop

There are lots of great reviews on Amazon but I think this one has to be the best:

"It's 2013 and men are using moisturizers and grooming their eyebrows. So it's no wonder that I have degraded my man card to the point where I no longer revel in my bathroom creations and it's foul smell, but rather feel shame and try to cover it up. I tried everything to make my business less putrid and more socially friendly and even delectable. I've spritz sprays and bum bubble gumed, and even tried to eat nothing but vegan raw and natural popuri. Alas none has squelched my asstronomical doings. This is no more! Poo-Pourri leaves the commode and indeed the entire command room smelling as though I excreted daisies. I can leave the muck bucket knowing none is the wiser. With life's balance restored the final step will be an insertable "Noise muffler."

For the Man in Your Life!

More Reviews!

If you are looking for more reviews of this product, look no further. Here is a sampling of some of the best!

  1. I want to laugh because this is one of very few products that actually does what it claims it will do. My husband is a guy, and that is enough to explain what I mean. Most women will know what that means. haha. This spray is awesome. It is completely worth the money. When I told my husband how much it cost, he was a little taken back UNTIL he used it and worked. He uses it more than I do because he needs it more. The smell of this stuff isnt overpowering so its not a huge sign that you have used it. It doesn't give away that you went to the bathroom which is great. We used sprays just for the air before this stuff and they would work okay but the smell was obvious that you sprayed because something unpleasant was there before, if that makes sense. It's worth it. Try it.
  2. I suffer from IBS and work in a small office. It's always embarrassing using the restroom at work; you are always hoping no one else walks in after you. This product is AWESOME!! I keep one stashed everywhere.
  3. It is seriously BAFFLING how well this works. Sharing a bathroom with another person (who often has to go the same time as you...) has sometimes been really rough. We just tried it in our home for the first time, and we really couldn't smell ANYTHING - just the nice smelling PooPourri. We're still shocked!

Interview with Bethany Woodruff (The Girl from the Commercial)

Why Buy Poo Pourri?

How many times have you not wanted to go to the bathroom when you are visiting someone because you don't want to leave any odors? Or perhaps you work in a small space and you are mortified every time you have to go because you know the order is going to permeate out into the office!

Well the good news is you don't have to be embarrassed any more.This product works so well that it leaves a nice refreshing scent and know one will ever know what you were up to in the bathroom.

Spray before you go is the slogan and that is the truth. You won't be leaving any more stinky odors and feeling embarrassed since it completely neutralizes the smell before it starts.

Using Poo Pourri

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