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Bottled Water Purity

Updated on June 2, 2010

Bottled Water

Bottled water is a multi-billion dollar industry, it is probably one of the most profitable market today and, why is that? why such a business is so hot today?

We are living on a time where people are more and more conscious about their health sefaty and, due to constant headlines on the news about water pollution and contamination, communities across the globe are and more concern about the purity and safety of their tap water.

The more aware people became about the condition of their drinking water, the less people used it and, consequently, they have to search somewhere else for better water quality and, that's when bottled water was born.

Today, bottled water generates billions of dollars annually and, it is expected to continue to rise for many years to come. But, what is in bottled water that makes it safer than tap water? Is it really safer to drink bottled water than tap water?

Facts About Bottled Water:

 What about bottled water that you should know about? Here I will plan to share a few facts about the so consumed product and, with that, I hope I will be able to spark some interest in you my reader, to do your own search and have your own findings about this product that we so depend our lives on.

Ok, let go to the facts!

Fact #1: Recently, I heard on the news that only 55% of bottled water goes through a real water treatment that removes most of the contaminants from it.

Fact #2: It is also true that 45% of bottled water comes straight from the tap, so, when buying bottled water, chances are that the water you're are paying for is no better than the one that you have at home.

Fact #3: Most bottled water comes in plastic bottles and before your bottled water gets to your local store shelves, must cross cities, states or even countries before getting to you. Do you know what this means? It means that, it highly likely that, your bottled water has been exposed to extreme hit during the shipment process and, when plastic is exposed to a temperature over 65 degrees, the plastic bottle will release a plastic contaminant into the water that we will eventually drink.

Fact #4: Based to the above information, virtually bottled water is no better than your home's tap water.

The writer of this page is in no way responsible for your decisions in regarding this or any other articles written here. The information here provided is only for educational purpose, if you want to gather the real facts about water contamination, please, visit the EPA website at





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    • lucionogue profile image

      lucionogue 6 years ago from Brazil

      Hi Jon Reeves,

      Your comment is well noted and very welcomed, I appreciate the insight. You made a good point here, most people have the belief that bottled water is safe water, however, the truth behind this multi-billion dollar industry is completely different, in fact is quite devastating.

      Nearly 50% of bottled water come straight from the tap and, bottled water in plastic bottles are contaminated as soon as they exposed temperature of at least 65o. F.

      Anyways, I appreciate your comments, please, keep comming back.

      Also visit my website, for full articles of do it yourself plumbing tips.

      Thank you

    • profile image

      Jon Reeves 6 years ago

      I think buying bottles of water in plastic is totally irresponsible and unethical. You can buy great systems that purify water and it costs a few pennies a litre.

      After 3 days the plastic starts to contaminate the water and who knows what was put into the bottle to start with?

    • lucionogue profile image

      lucionogue 7 years ago from Brazil

      Thank you for your comments, I appreciate.

      It is good that you own a filter and fill the bottles with your own water. Just make sure that you don't expose the water bottle to the heat for too long, otherwise, the water will get contaminated.

    • profile image

      Mark Moller 7 years ago

      Very informative for sure. There is a lot to think about in terms of the plastic used however. So much plastic goes to waste. My family and I just take reusable water bottles with us and fill up at home with our water filter. Advanced water filters,, is a great place to get a filter.

    • jite profile image

      jite 7 years ago from delhi

      very informative n real hub