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Battling Obesity: A Tale On Weight Loss And Healthy Living

Updated on January 27, 2016

I get this, a lot...


Obesity, An Alarming Health Condition...

We all want to lose weight but why is it so hard to do? The threat of various health conditions and untimely death due to obesity are clear and evident. Many people resort to weight loss supplements without thinking of a good plan of action. Taking those belly fat burner pills will be useless if there is no follow up move like dieting and exercise.

With that said, obesity is responsible for 20% of the deaths in the US each year.

This is very sad news because obesity is one health condition that can be prevented. Does it mean that people choose to die of obesity? It is an appalling thought, huh?

Take your pick from these illnesses if you are obese.


Do You Really?

Each day, there are thousands of people being diagnosed with Diabetes, Fatty Liver, High Cholesterol, Hypertension and all the other types of illnesses associated with being overly fat. But what do obese individuals do about it? Nothing! The urge to eat is stronger than the urge to lose weight, be healthy and to just live.

Do you really prefer to die young and fat?

Here Lies Kim... Mother of 5, 300 lbs at 39 years Old and A Chocolate Lover



If there is a will, there is a way.

It has to start with you. Are you concerned about your well-being? If you are, then, it is high time that you start eating right, exercising daily and drinking vitamins/minerals and maybe some weight loss supplements to assist you on your road to weight loss. There is no easy way around it. If your will says that you want to lose weight, then, your body will follow.

5 months pregnant. Not baby weight at all.
5 months pregnant. Not baby weight at all. | Source

Pregnant at 200 lbs.

This is what I recently realized.

When I reached 200 lbs and I was only 5 months pregnant at that time, I started to have chest pains. I could not breathe well too plus I had a very bad cough which lasted for more than 2 weeks. My OB sent me to a Pulmonologist because I have a history with Asthma.

(So because I was fat and pregnant, my Asthma condition got "activated" after 2 and a half decades.)

My Chocolate Poison

I had one bag of this Dark Raisins chocolate every night for months.
I had one bag of this Dark Raisins chocolate every night for months. | Source

Asthma it is!

He told me that I had asthma. I had to drink Cephalexin 500 mg, three times a day for at least a week. This was the only antibiotic allowed for a pregnant woman. My OB also told me to diet a little bit since weight loss supplements are forbidden for pregnant and nursing women.

Eat more fruits and veggies, she said. My 200 lbs at 5 months was not just baby weight. This was too much fat because I ate at least 200 grams of chocolate each day. One time, after eating too much, I had a terrible headache, but that did not stop me.

My highest was 154 and I could see the monitor beeping while I was in the recovery room after giving birth.

My OB gave me hypertension pills after my CS but still, I had an attack and I thought I was going to die.
My OB gave me hypertension pills after my CS but still, I had an attack and I thought I was going to die. | Source

And then, I almost died.

I realized that I was killing myself when I reached 220 lbs after I gave birth on my 5th and had an attack. My back was in pain. I felt this excruciating ache in my chest and it just won’t stop. Literally, I couldn’t breathe. I thought I was going to die that time. My 3 day old baby was beside me. I tried to call my daughter who was outside the room, but nothing came out of my mouth. I tried to reach for my iPhone so I can dial my husband but I couldn’t move. I was trembling in a bad way.

While in the Hospital...

Sofia came out via CS and look at my stomach - still big. She weighed 7lbs and yet I gained 40 during my pregnancy. (with my h and besties)
Sofia came out via CS and look at my stomach - still big. She weighed 7lbs and yet I gained 40 during my pregnancy. (with my h and besties) | Source
The most powerful act in this world...
The most powerful act in this world... | Source

God Intervened and the Angel of Death said: Not yet, Kim.

The pain started from my chest and went all the way to the back, my nape and my shoulders. It was one of the most terrible experiences in my life ever. At that instant, I spoke to God and asked for a chance to take care of my kids – his gifts to me. The pain started to subside and my lungs slowly breathed in air. After the pain was gone which for me took a lifetime (more than 5 minutes of pain), I cried. I knew then that I was saved from dying and God heard my prayer.

What do you think?


I want to live!

Did I really have to experience all that just to learn a valuable life lesson? Since then, I lessened my chocolate intake and after a few months, when I stopped breastfeeding my Sofia, I tried healthy living.

I also had to eliminate junk food and processed food. I went back to brisk walking three times a week (20-30 minutes) and took Conzace (vitamins/minerals) and Forskolin, organic weight loss supplements.

I am so proud of myself because I lost 12 lbs in 4-5 months. And I want to lose more weight because I have to attend my children’s birthdays, graduations, weddings and all for years to come. This is my mission.

This is Forskolin

My Secret Weapon to Weight Loss
My Secret Weapon to Weight Loss | Source

My Thoughts...

It will be a constant struggle. On most days, you will feel that you have achieved nothing and sometimes, you may be on the verge of giving up. Never give up! Never give in to the temptation of eating and breaking your healthy habit. Be strong. Remember, you have to live!

Think about this: Do you want to die young? Do you want to leave your babies motherless at such young ages? The answer is NO, right? Then, make this sacrifice.

I repeated this to myself over and over again.

Healthy Eating

Yum! Chicken and Lettuce Salad
Yum! Chicken and Lettuce Salad | Source

My Type of Exercise - Brisk Walking

My Vitamins


How to Start this Road to Healthy Living

Someone asked me how I jump started my healthy ways and I said, weight loss supplements – Forskolin and the oldest tricks in the weight loss book: diet and exercise.

I took the supplements each day without break. Sometimes, 2 a day. These veggie capsules are made from organic and all-natural ingredients like Coleus Forskohlii which promotes faster metabolism. It also suppressed my appetite and I easily get full. I also noticed that my cravings for sweets lessened a great deal.

Of course, I watched my food intake. 5 small meals a day, full of vegetables and fruits. I had a limit for my white grains and shifted to whole wheat and brown rice - 3 servings a day only. My protein intake was up to 5 servings or until I get full. You need protein especially if you are working out.

I had to discipline myself with eating since I know that my weight loss is dependent on many factors. Drinking belly fat burners and pills alone will not work. It has to be a combination of exercise, eating right, vitamins and minerals caps and weight loss supplements like Forskolin.

My target weight is 140 lbs. Actually, I would be very happy with 150. I hope to reach it in 12-14 months. Slowly but surely. At least I know that I am doing something about my health and my life. I will have that opportunity to watch my kids become better people, God willing.

Healthy Life?

Will you start your healthy lifestyle now?

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