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Why are We on this Earth?

Updated on August 26, 2014

Earth, the ever-changing station of life


The Mystery of Life and Death

Why are we on this Earth? How are we on this Earth? How do we explain this mysterious intangible called conscious? What happens after death? These are some questions that humanity can't possibly answer. Beyond scientific approach and logical explanations, this mystery remains shrouded among the supernatural occurrences. As a believer of creationism, I tend to speculate that there indeed are supernatural subjects that are beyond our capable imagination. However, until we face death ourselves, we will never know what lies in its abyss of uncertainty.

With all the mysteries aside, I can assure you an answer to just one question:

Why are we on this Earth?

The Ever-Changing Earth

We, the humanity as a whole, are the revolutionary that changes the Earth interminably. Besides the works of the Mother Nature that sculpt the shape of Earth's surface, there are works of Human that influence the communities of all life-forms around the world. What is scary and beautiful at the same time is that humans are endlessly focusing their efforts in the advancement of technology, which might enable us to even defy the power of Mother Nature and influence the communities of all life-forms around the universe. Just take a look at how the technology is progressing:

  • The aftermath of an nuclear bomb is a gigantic crater, altering the landscape of tens-miles radius. And if the nuclear bomb is powerful enough, it can speculatively instigate a small "ice age."
  • Allegedly possible communication between humans and extraterrestrial beings in other planets/stars through waves, proposed by scientists.
  • Genetic engineering, altering of DNA to create Humans that exceed the capabilities of current form of Humans.
  • Nanotechnology, where little microscopic "drones" are able to carry out medical missions within the human body, which can eliminate direct contacts between humans while performing surgical operations.
  • Machine technology: development of mechanical arms or all body parts that enable a person to acquire "superpowers," such as super strength and super speed. It can also be used to create mechanical internal organs, such as the heart.

People might think that the technologies listed above are far from what humans can do currently, but that isn't true. All of these concepts are being researched and developed tremendously fast all around the world currently. The technology is exponentially growing, and by year 2100, we would have accomplished an advancement ten-fold greater than the technological advancement that took place since the beginning of Earth to year 2000.

But how are humans able to progress so dramatically without knowing the purpose that we have in this Earth? What can be the driving force of these humans? Or are we just people who invent machines out of whim, without any purpose?


The Purpose

The purpose behind the creation of technologies is:

The improvement of the lives of human beings, including but not limited to, selfish ideals.

  • Why were cellphones created? To allow convenience in communicating, through fast networks and instant delivery.
  • Why were elevators created? To allow convenience in moving up and down the floors, without having to gasp for air.
  • Why were weapons created? To allow people to satisfy their selfish desires through violence. And to allow people to protect themselves from dangers.

All inventions have a purpose, and they all lead to that one single purpose stated above.

So what do we know from this?

The purpose that people have seems to naturally incline towards improving their qualities of life. And that is actually the "purpose" of the majority of the people around the world.

People work hours upon hours, day by day to improve their financial situations so that they can buy a house, eat good meals, support their children, support a cause, buy cars, and overall improve their qualities of life

You can settle for that purpose if you want. But I won't.

I believe that the purpose in life lies far beyond mediocrity. With the given amount of time that we got on this Earth, we can choose to make the best out of it. Don't you sometimes wonder if life is an opportunity given by some supernatural being? The way that we enter life, have a limited time, then exit it, sounds odd. If we're so uncertain about the "life" after death, they why don't we make the life that we have currently the best it can possibly be? We all have the potential to remain prominent in history, change the world, and implement our own ideals to the world. It's up to you to fulfill your potential.

Once we realize that time is valuable, the world is changing, and that life is a given opportunity, we can realize the hidden purpose in life. Would you rather spend your time remaining in mediocrity, possibly picking up bad habits? Or would you remain optimistic and live with a dream that you passionately want to accomplish? Seriously, change the world while you're at it, and leave a positive name for yourself. I don't know about you, but I want to be remembered forever. I'm sure you do too.

If you believe in creationism, you would know that just like the machines we as humans created for ourselves, you have a purpose because you were created. Created to have a unique purpose of your own.



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