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Be Aware Of Addiction When You Purchase Tramadol

Updated on June 28, 2009

Long-term administration of tramadol may lead to a state of drug dependency which is recognizable, for example, from repeated requests from the patient for scrips to purchase tramadol for the drug application which are not justified by the severity of pain. There have been numerous reported cases of abuse and dependence in individuals who purchase tramadol.

In case of proven drug dependency, it is recommended to gradually reduce the dosage. The prescribing physician will decide on the duration of administration and the need to include, where appropriate, intervals where the drug is withdrawn during prolonged treatment in chronic pain states and during those times, the patient is forbidden from succumbing to the impulse to purchase tramadol.

There have been reports of seizures in patients treated with tramadol. The post-marketing experience suggests that the incidence of seizures increased with doses of tramadol which above the generally recommended by the prescribing physician, but a number of cases have been reported even within the recommended dose given to patients when they receive the prescription to purchase tramadol. Administration of tramadol may increase the risk of seizures in patients taking:

  • Tricyclic antidepressants
  • Serotonin reuptake inhibitors
  • MAO inhibitors
  • Neuroleptics
  • Other medications that reduce the seizure threshold (centrally acting analgesics, local anesthetics).

The risk of increased seizures is present in epileptic patients who purchase tramadol, as well as those with a history of convulsive attacks (head trauma, metabolic disorders, and withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and drugs).

Tramadol addiction can manifest itself in patients who have a history of dependence. This seems confirmed by other cases in the medical literature, where it is described in all patients who purchase tramadol and:

  • have a history of alcoholism or dependence on opioids or more psychotropic drugs
  • after an initial prescription for rheumatic or other pains have returned for a subsequent prescription, seeking relief, tranquillity, detachment, relaxation, euphoria or sedation
  • often have increased the dose, usually in an attempt to maintain the desired effects
  • have presented with a withdrawal syndrome which varies from a few days to weeks
  • received, in some cases, a replacement therapy because of dependence on opioids

Unlike most other opioids, tramadol in most countries is not considered a controlled substance (among others the U.S. and Australia), and is available with a normal prescription which any attending physician may write: Making it fairly simple to purchase tramadol. Tramadol is available as an OTC (Over The Counter) drug without a prescription in a significant number of countries. Sweden has legislated, as of May 2008, to classify Tramadol as a controlled substance in the same category as codeine and Dextropropoxyphene, (manufactured by Eli Lilly and Company). This means that the substance is classified as if it were a narcotic and / or opiate drug in that Scandinavian nation and that should be noted by Swedish citizens who wish to purchase tramadol. But unlike codeine and Dextropropoxyphene, a normal prescription can suffice for the purchase in that country.

Tramadol is sometimes mistakenly classified as a non-opioid analgesic by people who want to purchase tramadol, because its potential for abuse is lower than those of other opioids and because it has multiple mechanisms of action (including but not limited to the activity in the u-opioid).

It has been concluded that tramadol:

  • leads to a risk of dependence or abuse, even in patients who do not have a history of drug abuse
  • a sudden interruption, even when used at recommended doses, can cause withdrawal symptoms
  • should be recommended to patients to stop taking the drug gradually especially after a prolonged period of treatment
  • each new prescription is a good opportunity to reassess the need to purchase tramadol
  • use of the drug should not be trivialized


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