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Be Bold My Friends! Be Bold

Updated on April 6, 2013


This is a blog I originally had written on an "Addiction Recovery" website. This in no way is my point of view about this site.



The Actual Blog I had Written

The famous German writer, Goethe once wrote, "Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid." It is this boldness of spirit, union, solidarity that each of us possess daily to be or to stay sober. It is this boldness that we as individuals need to place here. To finally make this site what it was truly intended to be.

This boldness to create a social network site based on recovery from addictions (all addictions), a site where you can be open and honest; a safe haven where anyone should not feel stigmatized or persecuted for who they are, who they were, or how they feel. Face it folks if you are here on this site, you are in "the land of misfit toys" and we should be here to support each other. We should not be here trying to win a contest of who is the most popular "charlie in the box" or turn this place into something straight out of "Lord of the Flies" (by the way in Latin, "Beelzebub" translates to "lord of the flies") which has always seemed to be the case.

I do appreciate everyone here. You all bring more to the table than you realize. What many seem to forget is that this is a social network site based on recovery. You are going to have conflict here; either because of "mob rule" or because someone is bored. They know he/she can stir up the hornet's nest by messing with a very, very small group of people and than chaos runs rampant. Funny enough not as rampant as you would think. There are over 28,000 memebers, less than 50 people are vocal about the whole "Sober Circle Crisis of the Moment." Truthfully the "situation" is a non-issue nor does it really affect most here.

I have noticed that the "approval seekers" want to hold events and ideas of "cleansing" Sober Circle to make this site the helpful, hopeful community (common- unity) it once was. Truthfully SC still is for many, and I can assure everyone here, that if you go about blogging, chatting, creating and sharing about your Expriences, Strengths and Hopes; You will find all the positive things that Sober Circle once "was" actually "still is."

People don't follow titles and authority. They follow courage. I promise you that whenever and wherever hope emereges with boldness, the people will clamor with support. They will respond like people dying of thrist who have just been offered a cool drink of water. People are desperate for authentic E,S and H. There are many who are lost and lonely.

There is boldness in hope, and stength when it is truly lived. People are hungry for the truth, but many are affraid to eat from this banquet. The boldness of the truth will set you free, but many of us don't have the courage to stand up and proclaim it.

In the past, I wrote, "The ironic thing is that most people are looking for someone who has the courage to look them in the eye and tell them the truth... To become the best version of themselves. And that we all need and want guidance in our lives." This is true for all people.

Where will this boldness and courage that we so deperately need come from? Perhaps the answer lies in the lives of each one of us. Are we timid, whimpering,or non-committal by our nature? No! We are brave and bold. We stand up each day and attempt to beat our addictions daily. Maybe, many of us lose sight of our essential purpose and maybe not move always in the direction we need to. But, we are trying to form habits that help us to become the best versions of ourselves. Take the opportunity to share your truth, your wisdom and your happiness.

"Virtue is bold, and goodness never fearful."

-William Shakespere

"He who loses wealth loses much; he who loses a friend loses more; but he who loses courage loses all."


"Beneath the velvet lies; There's a truth as hard as steel."

-Ronnie James Dio ("Holy Diver")


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  • Mighty Mom profile image

    Susan Reid 9 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

    I had not heard of Sober Circle but can extrapolate my experiences here on HP to imagine that it is a microcosm of society -- sober society. With all kinds of personalities seeking to connect through their common bond, recovery.

    Your statement "the boldness of the truth will set you free. But many of us don't have the courage to stand up and proclaim it" seems to me spot on. That's the essence of recovery and continuous Honesty is necessary to stay sober and keep growing spiritually. Thank you for encouraging boldness and sharing of E,S & H.

  • raguett profile image

    raguett 9 years ago

    Love it..............R