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Be Fully In The Present Moment In 7 Days!

Updated on June 19, 2015

Quick Input

Over the years and leading to now, I have accumulated much wisdom and knowledge that I want to use to help improve you on your journey. We all dwell in the past sometimes and always imagine ourselves in the future which may stir up emotions of depression and anxiety, this messes with our happiness in the present moment. To be happy is to let all of that go and be right HERE and NOW, to shed all that old skin and become new :).


Quick Facts

  • The Present: Try getting out of your body from where you are right now and go to the future or the past. (You can't) This present moment is all there is
  • Change is a law of the universe: You have changed from not liking your opposite-gender as a kid (cooties) to LOVING your opposite-gender growing up. You have made so many changes in your life it's unbelievable. So let go if you haven't and start changing.
  • Positiveness is love (Happiness): Think about all the times you have laughed, felt good emotions, accomplished something then felt good. Without putting a definitive meaning on "love" what is it? It is happiness, and in being positive you are giving love, because positiveness includes all loving things.

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Steps To Utilize And Apply

To be living in this present moment may be easier than you think, you might be even surprised or won't notice yourself in it because being in it isn't feeling any sort of way or having to think of a particular perception in how it is.

To be in this present moment, is to be fully aware what is happening before you. Why I mentioned happiness and love as key-points in being in the present moment at the top of this article, is because feeling good about yourself is an amazing way and the best way of being in the present. You want to be happy in the moment you are in, and with no happiness, you would just feel dull or the same as you have always been, so feeling good about yourself is a huge part of being in the moment, because in the process of being in the present, you are getting a good feeling within you that will grow. I mentioned change because "I know" a-lot of people don't like change, I have a poem called "Change Is The Law Of The Universe" that you's can look into that explains further, but realizing that change is normal and that by doing this you "are" changing, is also a huge step.

How we're going to be in the present, is to "utilize" these steps right here.

  1. I want you to feel a good feeling: So say in your mind, "what are some good thoughts I can think of", and then think of any good thoughts and memories you have. It can be any amount. Once you do this, you will feel sensations and a good feeling, that is a good feeling in you!
  2. Switch your vocabulary: Instead of talking about things you dislike, talk about things you like. You can start by complimenting other people, (Hey nice shoes). Also talking about good things that went on in your day (I hung out with my brother today, it was great, I haven't seen him in a long time) this is putting positive emotions into you.
  3. Look at everything that is near you: Look at a table, notice the color, the shapes of it, any details you can spot on it. Once you do that, look at more things, everything around you. Doing this is focusing your mind on the PRESENT moment, what you are in.
  4. Pay attention to the beauty: See the beauty in everything, this is creating a wonderful feeling. Take in the scents, feel the wind blowing on you, see the trees lit up by the sun illuminating so nicely, take in everything.
  5. Use the words HERE and NOW: Using these statements sets your mind to think of what is here and now instead of what should be, or any other thoughts of the past or future. Example, Here and now I am with all these trees around me, the grass, the cars moving by. I am at peace here and now with myself. Great little statement, use it often though, 5-10 times throughout the day. This is putting it in your mind to take effect.

Now the last action, APPLY.

Many, mannyyy people, even I was one of them, have low-devotion spans and use very low effort to do and accomplish things. They will do it once, or just for a day, feel the effects and then think, okay, I have done-it, I don't need to do this any-more. NOTICE, all that is, is your ego and this is controlling your life to not let you have the pleasure that is your right in life. So take action, do not let that egotistical-thought fool you. I am saying this because I want you to feel the effects of this, so if you do this for 1 whole week you will feel the effects and then you will be fully in the present moment. Why I say 1 week is because it takes 7 days of continuous effort for the mind to take in a new skill and develop of a new neuro-pathway, it isn't some easy process, you have to show your mind a new demand and this is how long it takes. So devote yourself and in time you will find yourself on the path to living happily in the present-moment :)

  • Be happy with yourself
  • Bless the present
  • Be kind to others
  • Have fun

Present Texts

Buddah: “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

Bible Scripture: "So do not worry or be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will have worries and anxieties of its own. Sufficient for each day is its own trouble." (Matt. 6:34AV)

Huna Principle: "Now is the moment of power."

Beautiful Graph-Bar

Positive Change
Present Nature
Think good thoughts
Pay attention to things
Apply what is learned
Talk positive
See the beauty in it
Show the ego otherwise
Be happy with you
Use present statements
Embrace the change

Amazing Explanation of Now

Nature Of Now

Alan Watts was an amazing philosopher who has hit almost every point on life and he helps you get back to the natural way of life. I suggest you all look into and study him :).

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