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Be Perfect!

Updated on October 18, 2014

“Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”- Matthew 5:48

My little ‘me’ is feeling dwarfed by the magnitude of the implication of what needs to be expressed in this topic.

That little me is where I get all these feelings of insignificance and inferior-ness, the one that always says ‘nobody’s perfect … neither am I.’

So many questions have gone unanswered for lifetimes and lifetimes that have ended before.

How can Jesus command us something, “be perfect”, when it is impossible? Were we set up to fail in the first place?

Am I really this me in this body, with possessions and achievements or lack thereof, that always needs to compare itself with others? That judges itself inferior to some and superior to others?


Sages have come and gone in the past, others dwelling in our midst within our lifetime, who have looked and have been able to ‘see’ contrary to most of us who can only look and not see. … Sages who have listened and also been able to hear. They knew the mysteries to be a fact in their experience. Their knowing reached the realm of the infinite, to the point of being certain that we are not merely flesh and bones, but noble spirits having each a temporary human experience.

Overcoming the Myth of Who I Am

We have grown through this lifetime under the illusion of being the me who is a physical body and have associated all our abilities relative to what that human body can be, do or have.

Yet it is never too late. Because that same human body, using its mind, has the power of choice of whether to believe the myth of being mostly flesh and bones having rare spiritual experiences or live the truth that can set us free---that we can be as perfect as our heavenly Father, that infinite possibilities are available to us in every moment, if we stay present and attentive to the moment.

The Challenge. The myth has been embedded into the human psyche for the entire history of humanity. We cannot expect for ourselves to dispel the illusion in one day. But the inspiring truth is that as soon as we decide to change our perspective, immediate effects can be experienced. All of a sudden, if we are attentive enough, we notice miracles beginning to happen. The switch in perspective was all it took.

God takes over.

Not by Me, But God Through Me

Old scripts and external experiences keep coming back to our consciousness, telling us of our limitations. It’s so easy to succumb. We must be vigilant enough to stay focused on what our inner voice tells us---we are the greatness that our Father made us to be. We are not what others nor our ‘little’/ego self tells us to be.

If we only realize that none of the things we claim we did were really our accomplishments but God’s, we can carry this knowing into each task and merely be there attending to the task effortlessly, merely being present as God’s greatness unfolds before our eyes, through our humble hands.

Truly, it’s not what I can do for God but what God does through me.

Humility and Gratitude

With that knowing, ‘what God does through me,’ a wellspring of humility arises from our heart of its own accord, not a virtue that we sought to develop but one that we have come to experience naturally. With that wellspring, comes a joy---a fuel for more of God’s greatness to flow into our lives.

… and so an ensuing gratitude. We understand all these good things came from Him, are gifted to us unearned. We feel so blessed and grateful.

Dwelling in Joy

Because of the simple exercise of our power of choice as regards to what we believe in, we have subsequently made a choice for joy. The additional perk in this is that this is the place where we can ideally practice our visualization of all the great things that we can allow God to flow into our lives. It does not take very long before His wondrous works unfold.

(The opposite also holds. So it would be wise to refrain from dwelling in negative thoughts because more of these experiences will manifest into your reality.)

Dwell in His joy and allow His blessings to flow into your life.

The Folly of Comparing and Competing

This is a penchant for the human race that is hindering both our individual progress as well as our worldwide community. The topic deserves elaborate discussion but let’s limit for now to a few important points.

If you catch yourself comparing and/or competing, refrain from judging yourself. If you catch others, refrain from judging others. Refrain from judging self and others. Judging is the work of the ego self that needs to feed itself by feeling superior to others. This is not the real You. Be compassionate towards the little ego self and grateful for your True self for bringing to your awareness the instance of being judgmental. We also need to be reminded that compassion is a mark of wisdom, which is of God.

An antidote for being judgmental is a concrete understanding that what you wish for others comes back to you. To call forth positive experiences, wish for others what you would wish for yourself.

Wish happiness for everyone!

Having said all that, which is, with the right mind set and if we stretch our imagination to accommodate the possibility of God’s greatness being a fact, Jesus’ command does now seem possible after all.

Consider at least for a day. Live it for a fact: “BE PERFECT as your Heavenly Father is perfect.”


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