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Be Positive- Just Do It! (How to Stay Inspired and Enjoy Life)

Updated on February 10, 2017
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John is a Christian but feels that all religions have both positives and negatives. He prefers to live by his own code of ethics.


What are the things most important to you in life? Your family, your job, health, money, education, the state of your country, or the world? Is it important for you to be successful, rich, respected, or just to be happy, healthy, and loved, and for your fellow man of all races, colors, or religions to be the same? Just take some time to think about your answer. I hope you come up with one that makes you feel good inside.


Once You're Round The Bend

by Patience Strong

Something unexpected may be around the bend.

Something to encourage you, a lift, a gift, a friend...

Something that will strengthen you to face the road ahead-

Spurring you along upon the pathway that you tread.

Do not halt or waver. Go forward. Keep straight on.

Even if the reason for confidence is gone-

Just go on believing that things are on the mend.

Life may look quite different, once you're round the bend.


Change is one of the few things you can be sure of in life. You can always count on change. It sounds a bit weird, but you could almost call it a 'constant', because it's happening all the time even when you don't realize it.

Trouble and strife will come your way, whether it be your fault or not. We can't avoid that, and it's often unexpected. But it will also leave, sometimes just as suddenly and inexplicably. Sometimes it won't leave without a fight, kicking and screaming at you. But GO IT WILL, eventually.

Life isn't just a peaceful journey- it's more like a roller coaster! The tossing and turning as it swerves around obstacles and sharp corners, and then fast acceleration uphill towards the bright sunny sky, are all part of it. The trick is not to panic and jump out before it's time. Scream from time to time if you need to, but try not to throw up.

Just remember that trying to control everything just makes it worse. Look around you at the other passengers. Only half the faces screaming are doing it out of terror. the others are enjoying the journey and having fun. Try to be part of that second group as often as you can.

Hold on tight going down. ....and when going up......laugh loudly at the top of your lungs, with your arms waving in the air. Just do it!

Human Service (Our Challenge)

"To desire and strive to be of some service to the world, to aim at doing something which shall really increase the happiness and welfare and virtue of mankind, - this is a choice which is possible for all of us; and surely it is a good haven to sail for.

The more we think of it, the more attractive and desirable it becomes.To do some work that is needed, and to do it thoroughly well; to make our toil count for something in adding to the sum total of what is actually profitable for humanity; to make two blades of grass grow where one grew before, or, better still, to make one wholesome idea take root in a mind that was bare and fallow; to make our example count for something on the side of honesty, and cheerfulness, and courage, and good faith, and love, - this is an aim for life which is very wide, as wide as the world, and yet very definite, as clear as light."

Henry Van Dyke.


Poem of the Day

"To: All the poets of g exlib

With my second pick for Poem of the Day for Sunday 6/29

Please all congratulate +John Hansen and his marvelous work-

Life Through A Window (a poem)"

word vango (Owner)

Life Through A Window (a poem)

by John Hansen © 2014

The patient lay in his hospital bed,

his condition was looking quite grim.

A visitor came a calling one day

and put this question to him.

"Isn't it dull to be confined

lying here day after day,

nothing to do and nothing to see,

for a remedy soon you must pray?"

"I have all that I need," the patient replied,

"I have books, and a window by me."

"A window you say?" the visitor laughed,

"That's fine if there's something to see."

"Oh there is," said the patient,

a thought crossed his mind,

"Just this morn,

I saw something divine."

His visitor stood at the window and stared

at the grey Winter sky and the white empty street.

Rows of duplicate houses,

so boring and neat.

"Perhaps you won't think it

as lovely as I,"

said the patient softly,

a tear in his eye.

"But I saw two young lovers,

so happy and glowing,

despite all the snow

and the cold east wind blowing."

"They seemed to forget

that the weather was sleeting.

So much in love,

At the joy of their meeting."

"Then I saw them stop kissing

and both look around,

as though they were startled

by an action or sound."

"What stirred them?" asked the visitor,

"To know this, I must."

The patient just smiled,

"A bird pecking a crust."

Please watch the video below each morning if you can. The words and music will help you go through your day with a positive attitude.

A True Test Of Character and Spirit

Whether we are Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, or atheist/agnostic or of any other persuasion I think I can safely state that we all believe 'Jesus' existed as a person, am I right? So this short story is not about religion or The Bible (even though it contains such references), it is about character and how we treat things around us (even the unpleasant),so read on.

Teeth Like Pearls

This is a story told by the Muslim poet Nizami, and no story outside of the Bible shows a more sensitive appreciation of the all encompassing spirit and character of Jesus.

Lying in the gutter of a marketplace in some Eastern town was the body of a dead dog. The passers by looked at it in disgust, and many crossed to the other side of the street.

"How loathsome!" said one, turning his head away in disgust.

"Poo! How it stinks!" said another, holding his nose as he passed.

"Look at the protruting ribs and bones!" said a third, frowning.

"There isn't even enough skin left on the carcass to make a shoestring!" said a fourth.

"No wonder it came to a bad end, look how mangy he is!" said a fifth.

Out of the crowd, a gentle voice broke in on the chorus of displeasure, " Pearls are not equal to the whiteness of it's teeth." And people drew away from the stranger who had uttered this remark, whispering to one another, "Surely that must be Jesus, for who else would say a good word about a dead dog?"


When Sorrow Walked With Me

by Robert Hamilton

I walked a mile with Pleasure.

She chatted all the way,

But left me none the wiser

For all she had to say.

I walked a mile with Sorrow,

And ne'er a word said she;

But, oh, the things I learned from her

When Sorrow walked with me!

Do you try to see the positive in all situations?

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