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Be Stress-Free Quick and Easy

Updated on April 28, 2014

Scientific evidence points to stress as one among many factors that contribute a great part to the diseases we have in our body. Unfortunately, due to the busy and hectic lives we live, we often fail to notice the ill effects of stress on our well-being. Sometimes, we simply refuse to acknowledge that that the physical and emotional symptoms that manifest are the impact of the stress we experience often in our lives.

Some stresses are actually good for us and serve as fuel to keep us going. However, when the stresses we experience exceed our coping capabilities, our health and well-being becomes compromised.

Stress is a word we generally use when we feel overwhelmed with money, work, family, health,safety and other personal concerns. Dealing with these situations stress us out because we are unsure if we can cope with the pressures placed upon us. These factors create tension or pose a threat, thereby, giving us mental or emotional strain.

Fortunately, there's great news! The detrimental effects of stress on our bodies can now be avoided as emotional wellness is just a tap away. Recently, studies have shown that Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, tapping is a quick and effective way to reduce and/ or release mental and emotional stress from our body. Healing of physical conditions naturally follow once the body is free from stress that blocks the flow of energy for the body’s well-being.

EFT has given positive results in a majority of clients, including athletes and corporate executives, as well as, treating a wide range of emotional or physical issues. These include

  • stress and anxiety

  • PTSD and trauma

  • fears and phobias

  • physical symptoms including neck and shoulder pain and headaches

The transcript of the video you find here tells us more about EFT tapping:

Today’s hectic, fast-paced life has increased everybody’s stress level, no doubt! Many of us suffer from emotional blocks that affect our performance - from home to the office, the playing field, and, even the bedroom.

But, there is good news out there for anyone who’s stressed, anxious or a little freaked out. It’s a new stress reducing technique being used by business people, athletes, stay at home mom’s and many people everywhere.

It doesn’t involve the use of any drugs or pills, whatsoever. It is Is 100% natural and safe. From what hundreds of thousands of people have already seen, it works extremely well at reducing stress, and, at enhancing a person’s focus.

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping as most people call it, involves using the index finger to gently tap traditional acupressure points. While this is done, the person using the tapping technique also repeats a specific sentence or phrase known as the MPI or most pressing issue. It is also the 2nd main component of the technique.

Together, the combination reduces stress and anxiety by what is called ‘counter conditioning’. It is a method psychologists use to help victims of trauma and military veterans. Tapping is also being used by major football, baseball and basketball stars to enhance their focus and determination before a big game. It is also used by corporate executives before a big presentation or other stress-causing event.

In fact, Dr. Erin Shannon, a Doctor of Clinical Psychology, uses tapping on many patients who are professional athletes. In a recent interview with Jessica Ortner, Dr. Shannon said that tapping has ‘extraordinary’ results and is ‘absolutely amazing’. High praise, indeed!

But, the real question that many people want to know is this: How can a person learn and use tapping in their everyday life?

The answer is the new GO EFT Tapping App. Use it to record your own most pressing issue, whatever it is that stresses you out the most. And then use the customized tapping procedure that the app puts together for you. It’s the easiest, most convenient way to bring tapping into your life.

Simply put, EFT tapping is a natural, highly effective way to reduce the stress of daily life. It can be used anywhere, at any time, to reduce anxiety, increase focus, raise performance and help someone to relax. Even better, with the new EFT Tapping App, anyone can use this excellent technique - from sports superstars to executives and anyone else interested.

So, stop letting emotional blocks affect your day, and your performance. Increase your confidence, motivation and mental clarity. Find out more and get your own GO EFT Tapping© app today to enhance your performance!

Whatever causes the stress in your life, EFT can address them all. More importantly, we don’t have to wait for stress to have an impact on our physical and emotional health before we take action against it. We can apply EFT at anytime as soon as we feel the need to for stress relief.


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