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Be careful using the treadmill: to avoid chronic pain and injuries

Updated on December 12, 2012

Use the treadmill wisely and carefully

Be careful. 60 minutes a day on the treadmill may cause your neck pain to worsen. Your head can be compared to a bowling ball resting atop of your neck (of course there are muscle groups that balance and keep you head (remember the weight of the bowling ball) upright and positioned in place). I know that it may sound funny, me using this bowling ball analogy, but it is a good one.

I have had people approach me with many kinds of injuries and pains because of treadmill use. The treadmill is a great machine for helping us to get in shape and to maintain our health. Yes, it can be used to help us maintain our weight and even to loose weight, slowly. The key here, is to lose weight gradually, or slowly. The problem, many of us want to loose weight fast. Too fast. Losing weight too fast is a bad way to loose weight. We subject ourselves to injuries and to pain when we try to go to fast.

When it comes to loosing weight, "set challenging and realistic goals." What is challenging and what is realistic?" This question will vary, depending upon the individual. Men and women have different problems (how much weight do you want to (or need to) lose? Do you have a hypertension problem or diabetes? Is your heart okay and ready for a weight lost program, especially a rigorous health care program. Yes, you have guessed right, "My next advise to you is to get an okay from your doctor, or other health care provider, before embarking on a serious, or rigorous weight lost program using a treadmill." You can hurt yourself on a treadmill, at the least, but you can kill yourself on a treadmill too. Depending on your state of health, a treadmill can make you or break you. Trust me.

For most people, I don't advise the use of a treadmill. I hope that this is not a letdown. A Treadmill can be usefulness but their are other ways of getting quality exercise without the use of a treadmill. First of all, treadmills do not allow one to get out into the environment to enjoy nature. Walking on walking trails and swimming have a social component that allow you to enjoy the company of others who share your problems. Working out, in a room in the corner of your home or someplace, alone, is no fun. Exercise should be fun. I studied Japanese karate in Japan for 4 years. That was fun. I got in great shape and I had fun doing it.

Now, if you want to use a treadmill and this will work best for you, given your lifestyle or other circumstances that a treadmill helps you to overcome, then that's okay. A treadmill has its place and its usefulness. I am not "down" on treadmills. Just try to have some balance in your life, that's all that I am saying. Get out and about and enjoy life. Make the most of it.

I was writing this hub to share with a lady that was having neck pain. I feel like she is my friend (it is okay for doctors to be friends with their patients) since I have communicated with her before. So, these last two sentences are for her. My dear friend, take care, and remember what I have shared with you. Neck pain can increase your headaches too. Ask for help, if you need it, from your health care provider. Again, take care. "As you go, Peace." Dr. Haddox


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    • profile image

      Dr. Haddox 

      6 years ago

      It may be useful for me to write a second hub on this issue. Please do remind me to follow-thru on this promise by writing me a reminder. It is very late at night, or very early in the morning, depending on how you look at it, right now, where I am. So, I must get some sleep. As you go, Peace. Dr. Haddox

    • gregoriom profile image

      Deninson Mota 

      6 years ago from East Elmhurst, NY

      @Dr. Haddox

      This is very interesting. I would like to dig in more into that matter.


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